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how to apply for an oman family visa

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Oman, an immense country in the Gulf area, is honored with plentiful characteristic excellence and turns out to be the most seasoned autonomous state in the Arab world. Albeit current in its methodology, it is a country which has faith in saving its rich practices and culture and gives a great deal of significance to them. Here you are going to know about How to apply for an Oman family visa.

The nation has a huge expat populace who appreciate a cutting edge way of life. This variety in environment gives Oman's colder time of year an exceptional summer sun-warmth the nation over deserts and urban areas, a new mugginess free breeze with moderate temperatures in Jabal Akhdar, and occasional breeze, showers, downpour, mists, and a reviving breeze in the Fall season in the Dhofar district.

Oman Family Visa

A family joining visa is allowed to the spouse/husband of the outsider, who is inhabitant in Oman, and furthermore to his youngsters who are under 28 years. It is additionally allowed to an unfamiliar spouse of an Omani public at his solicitation, and subject to a declaration from the power concerned affirming the situation with the marriage. You can check out to know more about how to apply for family visa in oman  

The family visa is allowed by the Directorate General of Passports and Residence at its tact, in line with a nearby support and on his obligation, to the family members of an outsider who are excluded from the classifications qualified for Family Joining Visa.

It is substantial for remaining in the country for a long time from the date of passage or the date it is stepped in the visa.

It tends to be utilized for section inside a half year from the date of issuance.

How to apply

  • The candidate is first needed to appropriately fill in the online Visa Application Form for Oman and present something similar. You can check out to know more about oman family visa for indian        
  • The candidate should then remove a print-from the finished structure
  • This structure should be encased with the entirety of the above-expressed records and couriered to the closest Visa Office.
  • The application would then be able to be followed on the web.
  • When the interaction is finished, the visa will be sent back to the candidate through an enrolled messenger administration.

While the cycle for applying for an Oman Visa is genuinely straightforward, notwithstanding, on the off chance that the candidate wishes to appreciate an issue free encounter, he/she should don't hesitate to connect with us. After that being done, a believed agent will help them on at all times!

Documents Required

A visa application structure composed, endorsed and stepped by the support. You can check out to know more about how to apply family visit visa in oman

  • For Arabs holding visas gave in Arab nations the visa application structure should be rounded out in Arabic.
  • For Non-Arabs holding identifications gave in non-Arab nations the visa application structure should be rounded out in English.
  • Two photos (4 x 6) cm.
  • A duplicate of the visa of the outsider who is occupant in Oman and who needs his family to go along with him, and a duplicate of the work card, or a duplicate of the ID card if the Omani public needs his family to go along with him.
  • The standard endeavor structure indicated for the family joining visa applications. The endeavor structure should be co-endorsed by the support and the ostracize.
  • Except if the names and identification subtleties show the connection between the outsider who is inhabitant in the country and the individual who will go along with him, verification of their relationship should be appended.
  • A marriage endorsement validated by the Embassy of the spouse of the exile and verified by the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs ought to be submitted. You can check out to know more about how to apply for family joining visa in oman           
  • A duplicate of the example mark of the approved signatories gave by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. On account of individual backers, a duplicate of the support's personality card should be joined to verify the mark.
  • A clinical wellness declaration gave is needed for outsiders who have arrived at 15 years and who are coming from specific nations.
  • The application ought to be put together by the support face to face, or the approved agent on account of organizations.
  • In the event that the family joining visa is mentioned for an unfamiliar spouse of an Omani public, a declaration from the Ministry of Interior affirming the situation with the marriage should be introduced.


  • Siblings and sisters ought to be under 18 years old. There ought to likewise be a connection demonstrating that there is no family connection outside Oman present. You can check out to know more about oman family visa requirements 2020
  • It is to be noticed that when the worker's home license gets terminated, the family visa additionally gets lapsed.
  • The offspring of the outsider worker should be under 21 years old. As after this age, the home license of the kids will terminate.
  • The support ought to likewise be a completely lawful Omani public and will be considered liable for any of the data referenced in the family visa application structure by the representative.


Q. How long is the Oman visa substantial for and would i be able to utilize it on numerous occasions?

This relies upon which variation of the electronic Oman traveler visa you apply for. There are two distinctive single section vacationer visa and one different passage traveler visa. All vacationer visas can be applied for with a similar online application structure. In it, you select the ideal variation. You can check out to know more about new family visa rules in oman 2020

Q. Would I be able to apply for a visa for other people?

Indeed, this is conceivable. You do have to have authorization from the voyagers being referred to. You should likewise peruse out the finished application structure to the explorer and check that the data gave is right.

This was all the info on How to apply for an Oman family visa.

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