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The Royal Oman Police introduced the Oman e-Visa in 2018, an electronic travel permit that enables nationals of qualified nations to visit Oman for a brief period of tourism. For stays of 10 or 30 days, the Oman visa is accessible on the web as a single entry visa with a validity of one month after the date of approval. The Oman tourist e visa is given out for travel-related reasons.

Additionally, candidates must decide if they are GCC residents and henceforth make the payment. Contacting an Omani Embassy or Consulate in their home country is necessary for foreign people visiting Oman for other reasons, such as work or education.


Application Process to receive Oman visa

The application process for e-visas is quick and easy, which is its main benefit. All you will require is a computer with a strong broadband service to apply for an Oman visa online. You can be seated at your home while carrying out the entire process. Let's quickly review the steps needed to obtain an Oman e-visa. You u need to determine if you qualify for travelling to the nation under the relevant visa group before you begin your application.

  1. Select Your Country of Residence and Citizenship: An Oman e-Visa is issued to nationals of all qualifying countries. You must choose your residence and citizenship countries from the drop-down menus to continue.
  2. Choose the Visa Type, then the Visa: You may quickly obtain a tourist visa for Oman. Either a 30-day or 10-day Oman visa is available.
  3. Complete the application: Complete the Oman visa application document and attach the necessary files, including a scanned copy of your passport, a photo, and information on your airline and hotel reservations.
  4. Pay Visa Fee: You can pay the Oman visa application service charge electronically with a credit or debit card, MasterCard, or PayPal. Any difficulty will be resolved by a chat operator.
  5. Track Visa Status & Download Visa: Once your application has been submitted, you can follow the progress of your Oman visa application at every stage. After your request for the visa is approved and received we will inform you the same via email. You can also download your visa by entering your application number and passport number on our website's track Oman Visa Status page.


Online Oman E Visa Status Checking Procedure

  1. When you submit information for visa processing through OmanIEvisa, the acknowledgement message will include the application ID.
  2. Passport Number: If you check your passport, this identification will be there.
  3. Visa Status Enquiry: A tool to check the status of your visa.

Entry requirements for Oman e-Visas

  • A hard copy of the Oman visa that has been authorized (made available via email).
  • Your passport must have a validity of nothing less than six months if you use it for a visa application.
  • Evidence of a hotel or other lodging reservation in Oman.
  • Evidence of a return ticket or further travel.


Oman tourist visa policies

Foreign nationals travelling to Oman for leisure must have a visa, according to the region's tourist visa regulations. There are various types of tourist visas available for Oman, and the one needed will vary depending on the explorer's country.

  1. Online applications for an Omani visa, which serves as a tourist visa, are accepted by residents of the GCC and inhabitants of qualified nations.
  2. To obtain an electronically generated visa that has been accepted and is being sent by email, individuals wishing to travel to Oman should submit a brief online registration form.
  3. Depending on the choice the candidate makes, the Oman visa may allow a single entry. Each version has somewhat specific phrases.
  4. An embassy can help travellers from nations that are ineligible for an eVisa register for an Oman tourist visa.

Some visitors to Oman are free from the requirement of a tourist visa and do not have to register. Nationals of five other Middle Eastern nations are only required to show passports or GCC identification cards at the Omani border checks in order to enter the region for tourist purposes.



Oman, which is a stunning country with unique locations, architectural marvels, a rich history, and friendly locals, is situated on the edge of the Arab Peninsula. Oman offers a sight of nature in all its forms, from the sparkling beaches and wide desert plains to the picturesque mountain peaks. Every person should experience Oman's different bedecking factors at least once in their lifetime. Visit Oman right away to record its beauty on your memory camera roll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application will be processed as quickly as possible after being submitted with the necessary details. Although processing dates may differ depending on individual visa application, it is advised to submit your visa request form at least 4 days ahead of time.

Your entry point into Oman is through an electronic Visa, which is done to prevent problems or delays upon your arrival in the Sultanate. The physical application form will also be provided in unusual circumstances, particularly at this early stage.

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