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what is investor residency in oman

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Oman provides many different types of visas to applicants who want to visit Oman. Most travellers apply for tourist visvisast there are also business-purpose visas that are obtained by investors. These are called investor visas, these visa types also have different categories. There are investor visas and investor residence visas. Today in this article, we are going to read about the investor residence visa of Oman.

How To Apply For an Investor Visa?

The following procedures must be taken to obtain an investor visa for Oman.

  • Request investment authorization from the Omani Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Contact the Omani Ministry of Manpower to get a work permit (MOM).
  • A business person or investor requests an entrance visa at the embassy or consulate of Oman closest to them.

After arriving in Oman, an investor or businessperson requests a residency permit. Larger contributions do have a better likelihood of obtaining immigration approval even if there is no set minimum investment amount.


Investor Residency Visa Documents Required 

  • Passport photographs of the investor or businessperson.
  • A copy of the applicant's passport with a minimum six-month validity.
  • A duplicate of the partnership contract if you're investing in an established Omani business.
  • A copy of the company's commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and a membership card from the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is required if you are investing in an established firm.
  • Thorough investing strategy.
  • Evidence of money for investments accessible.
  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry's approval Work permit provided by the MOM.
  • For travellers arriving from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, and the original and a copy of a medical certificate.
  • A certified copy of the marriage certificate approved by the Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cases when the foreign employee wishes to bring their spouse in.


10-year Investor visa

New Announcement In 2021 Inn addition to the Oman investor visa was made in 2021. a 10-year Investor visa was launched. The Omani government unveiled a brand-new investment visa in September 2021. There are two different types of visas, each with a five-year or ten-year validity period. Both types of visas are extendable. Only those who make a substantial financial investment in the Omani economy are eligible for the visa. The applicant must fulfil one of the following requirements to be qualified for the five-year visa:

  • Place a minimum of 250,000 Omani rials in government or local firm investments.
  • Purchase a home for at least 250,000 Omani rials.
  • Retire to Oman after spending more time working there.


The following requirements must be met to obtain the ten-year visa

  • investing at least 500,000 Omani rials in government or corporate securities
  • Invest in a home worth at least 500,000 Omani rials.
  • launch a company with at least 50 Omani workers
  • 26 individuals have already acquired investor visas. The Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Investment of Oman, Qais bin Mohammed al Yousef, emphasised the significance of a favourable investment climate for the Omani economy. The visa encourages long-term investments by allowing investors to settle in the nation with their families. Omani labourers end up with additional jobs as a result.

Income Prerequisite

  • A successful company investment requires the right kind of investor. 
  • A net worth of US $1.05 million for an individual or married couple; individual income of $200,000 or more in each of the two prior years; combined income of $300,000 or more in each of the two prior years; and comparable future income and asset levels.
  • Your EB-5 application depends on the source of your assets as well as any debts or legal responsibilities connected to them. USCIS carefully examines the source and use of an applicant's finances to stop money laundering and address security concerns. EB-5 investors need to confirm the legality of the source and channel of their investment funds. They must provide paperwork that satisfies the exact specifications set out by USCIS. If the applicant is unable to present the needed paperwork, they may submit a declaration along with an explanation of their situation.



This article was about the Investor residence visa of Oman and as we studied in this article, Oman has also recently added a new 10-year investor visa in the category. These long-term visas are also called residence visas and these visas always provide multiple entry features. All the requirements and important information regarding investor residency visas are discussed in this article.

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