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omani labour legislation

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Oman issues many different types of visas and even if we talk about commercial visas, there are too many different types of visas that Oman provides. One of the kinds is the labour visa. Just like all other visas, this kind also has some specific requirements and procedures but other than that it has some rules and those rules should be followed at any cost. Today in this article, we are going to read about the labour law in Oman

Facts About Labour Law In Oman 

  • If the employment contract is written in a language other than Arabic, a translation must be included. It must also adhere to a specific format.
  • An employment contract is described as a contract between an employer and employee, whereby the latter agrees to provide work-related services for the former and to be managed and supervised by the former in exchange for compensation. 
  • Several provisions must be included in the employment contract. Employers usually use the basic employment contract provided by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for Omani workers and a more detailed employment contract for foreign workers.
  • An employer in Oman must get a labour clearance from the MOM before recruiting foreign workers from abroad. 
  • The private sector must follow Omanization objectives for employment.
  • The minimum mandated compensation for Omani job searchers is RO 325, which is the minimum wage for citizens of the country.
  • With a minimum of 30 minutes of rest each day and two rest days per week, the maximum workweek is nine hours per day or 45 hours total. The daily maximum for working is six hours during Ramadan.
  • With gross pay, employees are entitled to 30 days of yearly leave (basic salary plus allowance). 
  • Working women have a right to six months of paid maternity leave. When expecting or while on maternity leave, an employer cannot fire or give any notice to a worker who is pregnant.
  • Employees are entitled to a full two weeks of paid sick time.
  • Regarding the nature of the work, the quantity of pay or compensation, employment, promotions, professional qualifications, and attire, the employer is not permitted to discriminate amongst workers.
  • Omani natives will be given hiring preference; if a non-Omani national is employed, work permits and visas are required.
  • Employees of Omani nationality must provide the Ministry of Labor with at least three months' notice before being laid off.
  • Employers are required to give workers proper protection from workplace dangers that might lead to illness or injury. They also have a variety of unique local requirements company has the option to terminate an employee's employment by paying a gratuity or pension fund. An employee may also be let go without cause for a variety of reasons connected to misbehaviour.


Labour Visa Requirements In Oman

  • A plan outlining the positions you aim to fill with Omani people.
  • A list of jobs and genders for potential international employees.
  • Copies of the passports of all foreign workers, which must be up-to-date for at least six months.
  • Personnel qualifications and certificates that are relevant.
  • Transcripts from higher education institutions.
  • Certification from the employee's home country's foreign ministry and Oman's embassy.
  • A replica of the employment permit issued by the ministry of labour.
  • A letter inviting you or making a job offer from your registered company.
  • A medical record from an institution that is approved in the employee's country of origin.
  • Two most current passport images.


Process for Applying for a Work Visa

To get a labour licence needed to apply for working visas in Oman, workers must get in touch with the Ministry of Manpower. You must apply for the expert directorate of the Ministry of Manpower. After that, you will be able to employ international workers. Any employee who satisfies the standards and conditions for the labour clearance may then be sent an invitation letter. A unique Oman work visa is required for each foreign national you are sponsoring. The Royal Oman Police's Immigration Department will accept applications at a single site. After their visa has been accepted, the employee must get a residence card in order to live legally in Oman while employed.



This article contains all necessary information regarding labour law in oman. It is not that difficult to get a labour visa in Oman, you just need to fulfil all the required documents and always submit updated documents. Oman labour laws are something that should be followed at any cost and all the labour laws are mentioned in this article. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Oman Embassy can process the visa in 2 to 15 days. The time it takes for your work visas to arrive might vary depending on several factors, including the firm sponsoring the visa, the regulations involved, your educational background, any existing medical issues, and the number of years of experience.

Download Oman puts a temporary restriction on foreigners receiving "work visas." New work visas have been temporarily prohibited for people working in specific private businesses and professions, according to the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).


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