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Oman dress code for foreigners and expats

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Oman a country located in the Arabian Peninsula is one of the Arab Countries you’d want to take a visit at! Not only is this place known for its wealth and tradition but it is also known for its conserved nature among the people who live here. Being an ex-pat and a foreigner, it is of utmost importance that you get to know more about the traditions and the cultures that are followed in Oman. Here is a list of Oman dress code for foreigners and ex-pats that will help you stay within the cultural expectations of the country. Not only will this help in learning more about the country but you will also have a first-hand experience with the culture over here!

What is the normal way of dressing in Oman?

Traditions in man is not only represented by the way they behave and through the way they speak but it is also portrayed by the way they dress themselves. One who belongs to Oman tends to dress conservatively and remain modest while wearing dresses. It is observed not only in the rural areas but also people from the urban areas tend to follow these cultural trends.

While western people are more open to a liberal dressing sense it might be hard to dress conservatively while living in Oman. It is hence necessary that they keep this in mind while traveling to Oman. The commonly worn dresses for men are called as the dishdasha which is robe without a color and goes up to the ankle length. They also adorn themselves in white hat which is either embroidered beautifully or one with jewels.

Women in Oman tend to wear a dress which is a flowy type of dress and is called as the sirwal with a headdress also called as that being worn.

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Why is it necessary that I follow the dress code in Oman?

It is entirely true that Omanis are very heartwarming and welcoming people but they will show more gratitude and respect to you when you tend to follow their customs. This is not only the case with the dressing sense but it is also true with the way you eat local cuisines in Oman and the way you behave in Oman. This sense of cultural gratitude is felt not only in Oman but in every country that you visit. Hence to make sure you do not disrespect their intentions it is important that you follow the dress code in Oman.

One of the general rules that is applicable to both men and women is that avoid wearing revealing dress which may either catch the bad attention of the people around there or the type of dresses that may make them feel uncomfortable talking to you.

Recommendation on what to wear in Oman:

Dress code seems to be much free for men as compared to women. Wearing singlets or short pants are highly not recommended as they will not feel much comfortable with that sort of dress code. Wearing long sleeved pants and tops are much recommended while swimsuits must be completely reserved for only beaches.

When you visit Bimmah Sinkhole and Wadi Shab you need to keep in mind to bring shoes to wear in water. Apart from this, you will also find signs that indicates the expected dress codes in Oman at particular shopping centers. In rural areas, it is rude to wear stripped jeans or tops with slogans or images. It is also not acceptable to have piercings when you visit Oman.

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Clothing for men:

Wearing linen clothing is a good option for hot summer day when you want to wear shorts but cannot due to the dress code. Also keeping in mind that wearing sleeveless tops or shirts is not acceptable is very important. Shorts in no manner will be acceptable inside a mosque as it is a religious and sacred place. While you got to swim make sure you cover your upper body with a t-shirt there are also signs telling you to do so.

Women dress code:

While visiting mosques make sure you wear a shawl that covers your head. Loose clothing will be preferred when you go out. No crop tops and stripped tops will be allowed inside a mosque. T-shirt with shorts reaching up to knees can be worn to beaches as it is also regarded as a public place. While this is the case in beaches, at popular tourist places such as Wadi Shab you can wear your regular swimwear as it is less strict in those areas.

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By following all the dress codes that have been mentioned in this article you can definitely enjoy your trip to Oman. Oman dress code for foreigners and expats is maintained so that it respects not only their culture but also the tradition that they would like to preserve.

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