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The government of Oman has made all the visa services online, which is also known as e visa services. This is a great initiative to reduce the time and efforts of the tourist who are wishing to travel to Oman. Tourist who wish to travel to Oman, they need to fill an online application form.

With the help of this, it reduces the time taken for the purchase of the application form and gets the application form typed. All the things are online, so the efforts are less and it doesn’t consume much time, as earlier there was some kind of Information that needed to be re-typed or re-written at the time of the submission.

E visa services for Oman

The government of Oman has made the application of visas online, some countries are allowed the have the E visa facility. That allows all travelers to travel to Oman using an E visa.

It is a very simple process that allows the tourist to travel to Oman using the E visa, they just need to:-

  • Apply for the visa
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Receive the visa information

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Tourist visa (unsponsored Visa) 

Due to the online visa application form, the tourist can apply for the E visa. This will take less time and effort. The government of Oman has made it easy for the tourist to travel to Oman. All the applications need to be submitted

Oman relaxes the visa policy

The government of Oman has taken an imitative to for the citizens of the world, who wishes to travel to the country. They have made some relaxations in the visa policy of the country so that all the tourists can travel to the country and increase their GDP.

The government of Oman has revised the tourist visa policy for many countries. Some countries don’t require a visa to travel to Oman. The Government of Oman has made some changes in the tourist visa policy so they could attract, citizens from all around the globe. Some of the countries for which the tourist policy has been changed are India, China, and Russia.

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Objectives of the e-visa service :

This is a very great initiative taken by the government of Oman. This is initiative has taken out so that citizens from all around the globe could come to the country.  with the help of this process, the citizens can enter the country by booking the E-visa, so they won’t have to waste time in lines for the visa on arrival.

The process of e-visa, that the tourist could travel to the country hassle-free, they just need to take care of some documentation and pay the fees. Then they will get the e-visa on their email address.

This has helped the country in increase pf tourist visit, this has simplified in obtaining the visa. It uses the technology for viewing the status of the visa, the application number that is been given at the time of submission

This also enhances the number of people visiting the country, this also helps the country to generate employment and finally increasing the GDP. This also enhances the communication between the authorities and the visitors of the country.

How to apply for the e Visa of Oman

Fill in the travel details

The person traveling needs to fill in the details according to their travel documents.

Attach the documents

The person traveling needs to attach their documents to their visa.


The tourist needs to pay the fees, through online payment methods like a credit card. (the payment of the  fees should be made through credit card through Global payment gateway )

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Then you will receive the notifications

  1. You will receive the notification on your email id
  2. You need to take a printout of the notification and show it to the border control office. 

The immigration office is currently applications for NEW VISA and the RENEWAL OF THE RESIDENCE VISA 

Few steps are needed to be completed for the user for the new visa. :-

Step 1

The tourist needs to fill up and submit the online visa application form.

Step 2

Complete the renewal process(this is for Renewal only)

Step 3

The tourist needs to carry a printed copy of the application form.

Step 4

The printed documents need to be submitted to the nearest ROC visa office

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Complete the payment  

Tourist traveling to Oman on e-visa, they need the complete the payment of the fee. Only after the payment of the fees, the application details will be given. The tourist traveling needs to re-print their application details.

Then that you need to log in through your application number and the reference key given at the time of the submission of the application.

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