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Oman country has special significance and attraction for tourist travelers. Oman has a very coruscating culture and its historic eras and stone-depicted stories have symbolically dragged all travelers' eyes. Oman has many natural barriers like landscapes, plateaus which protect them from natural calamities. Oman is recognized as the safest country in the world for its sophisticated nature.

  • Oman is ruled by sultans, and the Omani embassy also has believed and faith in their rules.
  • Oman market especially has earned quite a popularity as of its jewelry, handcrafts, foods, and dates exports.
  • Oman's beauty and attraction is whitewashed houses and buildings
  • Oman is marked as the major exporter of oil to foreign countries, as its rank of oil reservoir throughout the country is quite high, and it charges a good sum of taxes from the importer as its economy is highly dependent on its oil exports.
  • Oman craft and artists have graved masterpieces as only in Oman ship markers make ships drastically through their skills, and Oman ship makers are also making naval ships.
  • For alcohol drinking licenses are required for consuming drinking alcohol in public places and breaking the rules may cause serious punishments.
  • Oman is a terrorist-free country and any kind of criminal offense is not tolerated.
  • Unnecessary honking is prohibited and it's against the law
  • Oman citizens mainly consumed coffee
  • Oman also obtained and built many luxury hotels and restaurants for tourist setups.
  • Racing of horses in Oman is quite frequent
  • Oman contains enchanting doors which look beautiful to outsiders

Well, Oman has quite special and charming places and belongings for tourists, once visit can be obtained to Oman.

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Entrance Visa

The entrance visa is obtained by the travelers traveling to Oman, its application process is done online, it's minimum sustainable period is 30 days, and it can be extended according to the visitor's requirements, but if it expires Oman embassy will charge an additional 50 RO every day as a fine requirement.

  • A Foreigner Must Ensure His Authentic Passport With Six Months Justifiable Period.
  • Foreign Minister Approval Letter Is Essential
  • Passport Image Of The Foreigner Is Essential
  • Scanned Passport Back Side Details Are Essential
  • Foreigner Passport Must Obtain Two Blank Pages For Oman Embassy Stamp
  • Foreigners Name, Photo And Essential Email Address Is Requisite
  • Organizational Socialization Of Flight Is Essential
  • Foreigner Letter Of Credit Is Essential
  • Hotel/Stay Placed In Oman Proof Is Essential
  • Foreign Travel Insurance Is Essential

After ensuring all the documents entrance visa will be obtained by the foreigner.

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Parent Visa Requirements For Oman

Yes, Oman offers visas for the parent; they must be enrolled or applied through a family joining visa and must provide all family relationships to the embassy as the Oman foreign affairs minister provides this visa request to the family directly.

Now in Oman family visits can be obtained via family joining visas.

Oman Residence Card

  • Residence Complete Application Form Is Essential To Show
  • Employee Letter Must Be Obtained From Oman Embassy
  • A primordial passport is essential
  • After all the steps, a proper health check-up of the foreigner must be obtained by the Oman embassy.

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 Visa Types

These are the visas granted by the Oman embassy

  • Work Visa Evidence
  • For employed citizens needs
  1. Employment Contact Papers And Id Proof
  2. Company Will Return Income Tax which is Paid by the Employment
  3. Leave Permission Will Be Granted
  • For Self-Employed
  1. Business License Is Essential
  2. Letter Of Credit Of The Applicant With Six Months Of Record Is Essential
  3. IRT Will Be Charged When Salary Will Be Granted.
  • Student Visa 
  1. Enrollment A complete form from the student is required
  2. Transfer certificate is required
  3. Migration and recommendation letter is needed
  4. Guidance permission and approval is required

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Oman Safety 

Oman is identified as the safest city across the world, but rare crimes and their penalties are also followed in Oman.

  • Oman street crimes are quite rare, as Oman people are quite helpful and friendly toward tourists, so there is no need to worry about traveling while on roads or transports.
  • Public transport is quite rare in Oman so transport crises are mainly obtained, but the transport costs are quite low and reasonable.
  • The risk of pick-pocketers is low and if it happens, the criminal's punishment and penalty are practiced by Oman Officers.
  • Well, in Oman floods, and heavy rainfall appears frequently, so cyclone disaster rates are quite medium. But it occurs under huge calamity issues.
  • Smuggling and trafficking rates are low as its been illegal in Oman.
  • In Oman women are safe to travel, there are no dress criteria for women/girls as Oman country is quite a friendly type so no issues with dress women can wear anything according to their choice, so women can travel solo to Oman.
  • Scam risk in Oman is prohibited, and if its practice severe punishment has been addressed by the Oman embassy to the criminal.

Oman is a safe country, so also avoid talking with unknown people and avoid traveling to isolated areas during the nighttime. 

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