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Oman Family Joining Visa

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Oman is the oldest independent Arabian country. Oman is officially known or recognized as the Sultanate of Oman. Oman is covered with many seas and oceans such as the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and its bored are covered and shared by Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iran by the marine way. Muscal has been identified and officially declared the capital of Oman. Oman used to trade with other countries through the waterway, as Oman's main trading port and location are the Persian Gulf.

The Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf are not only their trading routes but also provide safety from the hands of enemies. Well, Oman's economy majorly depends on exporting fish, agricultural products, dates, and also on tourist visits. Oman also participates in sports and has also been a member of the United Nations. Oman has been signified as a peaceful, safe, and low rates of criminal offense country.

Family Joining Visa

Family joining visa is given to those emigrant citizens and children who have once married Oman citizens. People living in Oman also obtained this visa from the Oman embassy and foreign minister, under the application. This visa is mainly obtained to substantiate the marriage obtained in Oman.

  • For this only a Multi-entry visa is approved
  • The holder of the visa can only stay for two years maximum from the day of validation.

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 Visa Requirements

  • The emigrant citizen must obtain a stable and well-established job.
  • Their monthly salary must not be less than RO 600.
  • The rental cost must be paid in the employee's name or their name.
  • A marriage copy certificate of substantiation must be published by the Omni’s minister and foreign affairs embassy. The same process should be followed by the other foreign immigrant who has married Omni's partner; after that their marriage evidence will be provided.

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Visa Documents

For applying for an e-visa the applicant has to visit Oman IE Visa; all the relevant and necessary obtained application forms are available with a price chart. Oman IE Visa not only ensure and validates your application; it also ensures complete reliability and safety. On this site, while applying you must ensure that all the documents you are providing must be justifiable and accepted, as if any invalid documents are detected then your visa may get canceled and no money will be refundable. Your visa process is easily and quickly processed within 48 hours of your request. Oman IE Visa is a quite reputed and popular website for travel and visa booking, as its services are quite top-rated and feedbacks provided by the applicant are quite remarkable.

  • A portrait image of the applicant with a 51 x 51mm size justifiable period passport copy is required.
  • On a blank page applicant must provide a signature and must be uploaded for authentication purposes.
  • Health Minister must be approved and provide the health details of the applicant.
  • Job-verified documents and working id proof is required
  • If a child is traveling, they must obtain an age of 18 or above.
  • A marriage certificate with proper substantiation must be obtained.
  • In Oman, a proper and permanent address must be provided.
  • A bank statement is also required.

If an applicant visa expires after 30 days and he/she is still in Oman, they have to renew it and per day 50 RO will be charged as compensation.

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Oman currency 

Oman's currency is quite higher than any other country's mode of exchange; the reason for this is that in most countries it has been divided by 100 units, but in Oman, it's been divided by 1000. And most of the earnings are obtained in US dollars. As it is estimated that one Omani Rial equals 2.60 United States Dollars

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 Who can apply for an Oman family visa?

For applying for an Oman family visa, the candidate must be 21 years of age and only foreigners living in Oman can apply for this visa. If Omani citizens marry any foreign emigrant under that condition, this family visa is ensured. This visa will be granted by the embassy to their family or the foreigners who are living here in Oman must accept this visa from the foreign affairs minister. The maximum period of stay through this visa is two years, and the minimum period is six months; if the visa time expires, fine charges will be added after the renewal process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 For obtaining a family joining visa, the minimum requirement is 600 RO below The visa cannot be obtained for any foreigners or Omani nationality.

Yes, it can be obtained by a mother, but if she is a single mother she must obtain the following salary criteria, which are a minimum of 600 RO; otherwise, the visa won’t be granted. 

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