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Oman is on your list a place famous for tourism, and why not? With so many places to explore, Oman is among the top places that one should definitely visit. In this article, we have discussed Oman Multiple Entry Visa. So let us look at all the details regarding it.

About Oman Multiple Entry Visa

The Oman Multiple Entry Visa gives you the same time of stay of 30 days, but the same documents allow you to enter and exit the country for 30 days per entry.  This type of visa counts for the same group of persons who are in Oman for the purpose of tourism. A total of 67 nationalities are qualified for single and multiple entry visas.


Documents Required For Oman Multiple Entry Visa

  • You must have at least six months of a valid visa.
  • Valid 90-day valid passport.
  • For sending visa approval details, an email id and telephone number are required.
  • The white background of two colored passport images must be not older than six months.
  • Coverage for health benefits.
  • Copy of bank statement stamped by the manager of the bank.
  • No security requirements should be placed upon applicants.

Other Various Types of Oman Visa

Employment Visa

A foreigner who was sponsored by the local Omani people will be issued this form of visa. This visa is available only when the foreign employee is 21 and older.

Scientific Research Visa

In the event of scientific study, this visa is provided to persons who visit Oman. A total of 3 months is valid for this visa. The appropriate authorities only issue this visa when applying for it.

Ship Passenger and Crew

Only those who come to Oman ports and have a break are issued with this form of visa. This form of visa is accessible to passengers and crew during their visit to Oman. But this visa only applies to stays that last a little time. This is why the visa is only valid for 24 hours.

Artist Visa

A local Omani sponsor of this visa. This visa is dependent on the condition of the artist performing for an event in Oman.

Official Visit Visa

This form of visa is only available at the request of the organization of the host state.

Express Visa

The local Omani, who is responsible for the foreigner entering Oman, is sponsoring the visa. This liability requires corporate responsibility or any associated festival or other conventional responsibility. The foreigner will remain in Oman for only three weeks by visa.

Truck driver visa

The truck driver and any of his assistants are given this form of visa. This visa allows you to enter the country's road passage on many occasions.

Friend or relative visa

A friend or relative of the Oman resident is given this visa. The visa is granted under the patronage of an Omani town.


Investor residence visa

This visa is for foreigners interested in investing in the Oman market. The foreigner can stay for no more than six months with this visa. The expansion can also take up to 2 years. Moreover, this visa allows you to enter the country many times.

Family joining and family residence visa

The foreigner in Oman will bring in his wife and children with this visa. The cumulative validity of this visa is 2 years.

Student resident visa

Students who visit for study purposes are given this kind of visa. The student will stay in Oman for two to three years from the date of entry.

Tourist Visa

The most common tourist visa is. Anyone wishing to remain in Oman can obtain this visa. However, before access to this visa, personal data are checked and validated. This visa enables an individual to remain in Oman for up to 30 days. In addition, the tourist visa can be divided according to the number of days valid:

Single visa entry: the most common and virtually selected visa category is the visa type. With this form of visa, you can remain in Oman for up to 30 days, and we must remember that it only grants you one entry, so you only have one entry.

Visa for ten days: this visa enables foreigners to stay for a total of 10 days in Oman.

GCC e-visas: a visa issued to the Gulf Cooperation Council permits entry into Oman by nationals of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Kuwait. A country can stay in Oman for 28 days with this form of visa.

Transit Visa

This form of visa is issued to foreigners who land for a short period in Oman and then fly another way. This visa enables foreigners to remain at the Oman International Airport for more than 6 hours. Furthermore, if visitors remain for less than 6 hours, they are not able to accept the visa.

Documents Required for Oman Transit Visa

  • The photograph shall be visible in passport size minimum 2.
  • With a minimum validity of 6 months, valid passports of their nationality.
  • Valid visa with a period of at least six months for the country of final destination.
  • Confirmed arrival and departure flight tickets.
  • Do not have any limitations on surveillance.
  • Statement from the bank.
  • Travel insurance is needed for tourists.

So these are all the details regarding the Oman Multiple Entry Visa that you need to know about. So get your Oman Visa from Oman IE Visa and visit the beautiful nation.


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