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Muttrah Corniche is a tourist place in Oman's capital, Muscat. Muscat is situated on the Gulf of the country.  fact about Muscat is that this city is surrounded by deserts as well as mountains. The Muttrah Corniche is a lively and exciting place you should visit. This area is a vibrant place and it is surrounded by the houses of merchants who lived in the 19th century. The houses in this area are covered by the old wall. One of the interesting facts about Muttrah Corniche's name is that it is taken from Mathura, which is a famous religious city in India. 

Muttrah Corniche runs alongside the shores of Muscat. The Muttrah Corniche starts from the famous fish market and is present on the west side. Whereas the eastern side of Muttrah Corniche is covered by Riyam Park. Muttrah Corniche starts from the fish market and ends at Riyam park. Visitors can also see mountains around the area. The mountain which surrounds Muttrah Corniche is the Al Hajar mountains. The Muttrah Corniche is the busy site of Muscat (Oman's capital). Why you should visit Muttrah Corniche Oman


Now the question arises that why you should visit Muttrah Corniche Oman? 

  • It is one of the most loved places by visitors in Muscat. But it is also loved by foreign visitors too.
  • You can walk along the magnificent beaches. 
  • You can observe and enjoy the greenery, beautiful landscapes, and green space.
  • Tourists can see beautiful fountains and gardens in Muttrah Corniche Oman.
  • Tourists can eat food, do the shopping and participate in sporting events.
  • This place is the oldest trading center in which one can trace its history.
  • The Muttrah Corniche is the pleasing, attractive, and zestful place in Oman.
  • In the evening, the view is amazing due to the Al Hajar mountain's eye-catching view, fountains,  and the Corniche.
  • Tourists will love the amazing and beautiful white building along the Corniche.

Muttrah Souq

The locals of the area often call Muttrah Souq by another name that is Al Dhalam Souq.  Muttrah Souq is one of the main reasons to visit Muttrah Corniche. Muttrah souq is the marketplace and shopping center for visitors and citizens. Al Dhalam Souq or Muttrah Souq is not only the oldest Bazar in Oman. But it is also the oldest marketplace amongst many Arab countries.  Visitors can buy imported goods and artifacts from India and Omani artifacts. 

The Muttrah Souq is decorated and modernized with timber roofing to attract visitors. Visitors and tourists can also find traditional jewelry shops and textile shops. Foreign citizens and visitors can buy mandoo. Mandoo is the traditional unique wedding chests sold in the bazaar.  Tourists can also buy rope-twined muskets. The unique fact about these rope twin muskets is that they were used in the Dhofar wars. The traditional wedding dress of Oman

At the starting point of the Muttrah Souq, an old coffee house is there. The coffee house is old traditional leftover from older times. Tourists should enter the Muttrah Souq from the dome-shaped gate. Visitors should keep moving to the upward side to explore the bazaar without getting lost. Follow the downward direction to get back to the port.

*Visitors who are not locals or natives are prohibited to explore the streets of the Al Lawataya site.  


Hiking on Al Hajar Mountain

Tourists can go hiking in Rocky Al Hajar Mountains. Tourists can climb the mountains and can witness the beautiful landscapes of Muttrah Corniche. The view of Muttrah, Al Dhalam Souq, fish market all can be viewed at one time. The hiking starts from the Riyam park near the statue of Incense Burner. The rocks are slippery therefore tourists should wear sports shoes for their hiking tour.

Strolling alongside the Corniche

Tourists can stroll around the 2Km pathway alongside the beach. You will love the landscape and see the Sultan's boat. Tourists will love to visit the Muscat fort.

Gold Souq

The Gold Souq is the small part of Muttrah Souq, where you can buy gold jewelry. Ornaments for brides, belts, necklaces, etc. 

Muttrah Fort

Tourists can get a view of the bazar and port from this small fort located at the top of a hill. The Muttrah fort was built in 1580 by the Portuguese.



Muttrah Corniche in Oman is the best place and must-go place for tourists. From shopping to enjoying the pleasing view of the harbor and beach. Foreign nationals will need an Oman visa to visit  Muttrah Corniche. Tourists can also visit restaurants and various cafes located around Muttrah Corniche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Muttrah Corniche is an open area and it is open 24 hours for tourists.

Yes, the Muttrah Souq is open for visitors and foreign nationals are free to buy goods from the Souq.

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