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oman on a budget trip

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Oman is a pretty expensive place if you have no idea as to how to spend your money wisely. Oman budget travel especially a family vacation on a budget to Oman is quite next to impossible, well, not until you know about these tips on how to have an inexpensive time while in Oman. Undiscovered Oman is still open for you which is full of beautiful wadis and other historic sites. 



1. The truth about Oman travel

2. Oman: an option?

3. Tips to save money easily in Oman

4. 5 things to carry in your bag for a trip to Oman

5. FAQs


The truth about Oman travel

A lot of people still wonder, what exactly is the truth behind Oman being so expensive?  Well, you need not worry, because the truth is that you definitely need not be a person with tonnes of land or be a filthy rich person to actually go to Oman. You can definitely use a lot of tips which will help you get to know about how to save your money and not going broke. 


Oman: an option?

Now it is also a wonder why exactly do you need to go to Oman while there are other places to go and still have a budget trip? Oman unlike what you’ve heard of like being a conservative nation is not anymore true! This is evident especially when you take a visit to Oman yourself. Oman now has a lot of people who accept all sorts of tourists and try to mingle with them no matter how much of a stranger you are! With Oman being an authentic and undisturbed country in all of the Middle East, this place is definitely a good option if you need to plan a budget trip!


Tips to save money easily in Oman


1. Eat local food

2. Plan your route before stepping out

3. Setting up a tent

4. Cut out on going too much bigger attractions

5. Outdoor activities are your saviour

6. Dressing modestly

7. Shopping in Oman

8. Internet problems


1. Eat local food

Going to an international hotel to have a big-time lunch in Oman will definitely end up costing you a whole lot of money! This is exactly why going to a local restaurant is the key. Local restaurants tend to give out good food along with a reasonable price. You can almost find each type of cuisine even in the local restaurants. Ranging right from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Turkish food you can get all of these being served here as there are a lot of immigrants who live here due to work or business trips or some other reasons. One thing you need to keep in mind while going to Oman is to keep your lunchtime large and good. Lunchtime offers are found in various restaurants and hence eating a huge lunch would not be an issue. As for breakfast, it can be quite challenging! However going to a restaurant nearby a mosque will get you sweet, milky tea, and Omani raised pancakes with honey on the side as breakfast. You also would need to make shawarma kebabs and mishkak grilled meat skewers as your best friend as these are your absolute budget-friendly food.

2. Plan your route before stepping out

Planning out your route is totally essential while going on a trip to Oman! This is especially true if you’re going to stick to roads. You can definitely find some of the trucks that go in and out of the states all the time and can also get free transport at times, but it is recommended to have your car ready in Oman. You also need to make sure which route will help you reach your destination the fastest as this will not only reduce the time that you need to reach the destination but will also help you save money by not spending it on litres of petrol. Hence planning your route can take you to a lot of places in less time and a more budget-friendly manner.

3. Setting up a tent

Setting up a tent is free almost in all parts of Oman. One of the places, however, Oman is strict about is that no tents should be set up in Ras Al Jinz, as this is a place which is a natural reserve for the green turtles. If you still don’t find it feasible to set up tents in Oman you can always have a search for budget hotels in Oman. 

4. Cut out on going to the much bigger attractions

Bigger attractions can always make a big hole in the pocket. It is also to be noted that some of the places such as museums and bigger institutions in Muscat can pose trouble to you as you would need to pay double the price than that of the nationals. Though the National Museum of Oman can be quite an expensive trip, don't you worry as this is a total life experience and hence would totally recommend you to do so. However, there are other historic places that you can visit free of cost such as Al Hamra ruins! This is absolutely free of cost and you can also definitely get a taste of the historic culture of Oman from here.

5. Outdoor activities are your saviour

Hiking on Jebel Shams, going to take a look at Ras Al Jinz, Taking a dip in Bimmah Sinkhole! What is the common thing among these? Apart from these being one of the must-see and dos, these are the places where you can enter without any fee payment. This makes them a must-add in your cheap Oman itinerary list! Outdoor activities here are the best and also have a long-range of them. You will never regret the spine chilling experience of Oman’s most outdoor activities. You can also try roaming around the villages or go to the shore at Sur to take a look at dhow boats. Oman without a shortage of outdoor activities is a place you can definitely have budget travel.

6. Dressing modestly

Dressing, especially women are recommended to wear modest clothes at all times. The dressing culture over here is highly respected at all times. This is exactly why you need to be careful to wear only modest clothes at all times. For instance, this can cost you if you wear a pair of shorts to mosques will need you to wear a hijab while entering. This hijab will cost you a lot! Now you don't really want to waste your money wearing a hijab and you can definitely dodge this if you wear a dress modest enough to enter the mosque.

7. Shopping in Oman

Shopping is something that will cost you a fortune. But this is not true in case if you shop in the souqs. These souqs are local markets. You can check out Mutrah Souq in Muscat which will get you souvenirs at the right prices and that too reasonable ones. Another souq is the Nizwa Souq at Nizwa which is considered as another of the country’s best souqs for shopping souvenirs. You can always open up and bargain at the souqs. This is all a part of the experience you go through while shopping in these souqs.

8. Internet troubles

A VPN connection is recommended when going to Oman. If not then calls will definitely cost you a lot. This VPN connection helps you get access to Skype and other services that would have not worked otherwise. A local sim card can also be handy when you want to go through the navigation on Google maps. 

With these 8 tips, you can rest assured as you can get a total fun out of Oman, that too at a really low budget. While these help you maintain your budget, you can also take a look at the things that you’d want to carry around while in Oman.


5 things to carry in your bag for a trip to Oman

1. Walking shoes: It is always recommended to pack comfortable walking shoes as these are a total essential while going to Oman.

2. Oman guidebook: keeping a guidebook handy will reduce the cost of actually hiring a guide.

3. A reusable water bottle: A reusable water bottle is something you can thank for in Oman. This will make sure you’re not thirsty while you stay in Oman, as the weather may be extreme in Oman.

4. A scarf while visiting Mosque: Scarves are recommended for both male and female visitors as it is custom to cover the head while in the mosques. Female visitors have to definitely make sure they carry it at all times.

5. An anti-theft backpack: Even though Oman is an absolutely safe country, carrying an anti-theft backpack will help you remain assured while keeping your valuable things in there.



1. Is it okay to click pictures inside Mosques?

While it is recommended not to click pictures inside the mosque, you can do so by getting a special permission from the officials.

2. Is it okay to pee on the streets of Oman?

Oman being a clean city does not allow public urination on the streets and is punishable under the law.

3. Is it okay to date in Oman?

While Omani people don’t really accept dating in their culture you can do so if you have the right channel for it.

4. Is it okay for unmarried people to live-in together?

Living together for unmarried couples is not only acceptable but is also illegal in Oman.

5. Is it possible to eat pork in Oman?

Pork goes against the culture of Islam and hence finding pork in Oman being an Arab country is difficult. 

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