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explore oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa

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Oman, a land of mystical wonders and thrilling adventures, is the best place to enjoy your short-duration trips. There are many Oman visa types that you can book online, but if you are here on an Oman tourist visa for a short-term stay, you make most of your time during your stay in Oman. If this is your first time and you do not know how to explore Oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa, you need not worry! We have got you covered as we take you through the places you must explore when you reach Oman!

Why should you explore Oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa?

Oman is the most adventurous place for all the wanderlust out there who love to be closer to nature. Most of you may visit other places in the UAE since you do not know about the hidden treasures in Oman. We will have you know that Oman is known as Arabia's hidden gem. Marvelling in this splendour of the Arabian Peninsula is bound to make you feel the most thrilled amongst the mighty mountains and rich wildlife coastline. If you have finally decided to take a trip to Oman, you must know what all Oman has to offer and revel in its speciality.


How to explore Oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa?

This are the list of places you can visit to explore Oman and enjoy Oman tourism.

Visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat: If you are looking for a place in Muscat to visit, then you must go to the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos. This mosque is known to be the heart of the city as in this very Grand Mosque; there is an archaic beautiful hand-loomed carpet; that was once the world's largest rug until Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque, in the United Arab Emirates, broke as the highest record. This mosque has a splendid work on modern Islamic architecture and happens to be the only mosque that is open to non-Muslims all around the globe. Every tourist visiting Oman must respect the culture and dress modestly in long trousers and full-sleeve tops with women covering their heads as a mandatory custom. This mosque is elegantly beautiful, with its exquisite mosaic patterns, hand-crafts, and a record-breaking chandelier made out of fancy Swaroski crystals are a few of its mesmerizing features.

Visit the Wadis: There is nothing more refreshing than diving into the pools of Wadis in Oman. Oman is known for the cool breezy waters of Wadis that gives you relief on hot sunny days. Shaded by the date palms and fruit trees, they have natural oases that come out to be the best picnic spot and parties. Oman tours have unforgettable Wadis: Some of the Wadi's, such as Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid, are popular owing to their spectacular and greenest mountain scenery and a valley dotted with a string of villages and plantations. Kadi Tiwi and Snake Gorge Canyon are amongst the few famous Wadis in Oman. You can always swim and take a small boat to the Wadis, start trekking, or picnicking across the rocks.

Snake Gorge Canyon: Wadi Bani Awf link with steep tracks that give away access to Snake Canyons that gives you the best canyon adventures. It is known to be a natural haven for all water lovers to experience fun water game adventures. You can hike through the valleys and discover spring water pools, and desert rock cliffs formed naturally through water slides will refresh your day!

Jebel Shams Canyon: Similar to this is another famous Canyon known as the Jebel Shams Canyon, known as the Mountain of the Sun is a mountainous region located in northeastern Oman at the extreme north of the Al Hamra town, known to be the highest mountain of the Hajar range and the country. The mountain is one of the popular sightseeing areas located around 240 km from Muscat.

Nizwa Fort: Nizwa fort is among the popular tourist attractions of Oman due to the memorizing ancient Omani architecture that gives an illustration of the way of livelihood and lifestyle of Omani citizens in ancient times. The fort remains to be a powerful tribute that illustrates the town's significance during the turbulent eras in the long history of Oman. It had a formidable stronghold against raiding forces that desired Nizwa's abundant natural wealth and its strategic location at the crossroads of vital routes.


How to explore Oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa for luxury and comfort?

Al Baleed Resort Salalah: To enjoy the best luxury that you can get in Oman, you must go to this villa resort in Salalah, Al Baleed Resort that has a beachfront oasis. You will get an experience of Oman's rich cultural heritage and hospitality combined with towering palms and the scenic beach. The resort contains luxury accommodation that offers a mix of 136 keys, including 30 standard rooms, 10 deluxe rooms along with 8 villas, and 88 private pool villas with 24-hour room service and in-room safe. You will find exquisite cuisines in the three restaurant and lounge venues that offer you the best taste! Sakala is an all-day-dining restaurant with a Deli cafe and lives cooking stations. Al-Mina is a Mediterranean beachside restaurant and a bar attached to the pool and beach. The Mekong is known to be the resort's signature restaurant that serves delectable Asian cuisines. This resort, in particular, has a team of passionately dedicated and knowledgeable Gurus or professionals that deliver customer services that are tailored to suit their needs. You can always take part in cultural aficionados can take part or historical tours, scuba diving, cooking classes, spa treatments, and extensive sports.

Enjoy the best Diving experiences: Oman offers you the best diving experience in places such as Salalah, Mirbat, and Zighy Bay. It also has its very premium Muscat's established operation located at Qantab Beach that is known to be one of the major dive centres with outstanding facilities. 

If you are travelling to Oman for a very short-term visit, you must know all the places to explore Oman on a 14 days single entry tourist visa.

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