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oman travel restriction during covid19

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Covid-19 has left no stone unturned, affecting almost all the countries around the world. The virus severely causes several countries around the world. Covid-19 is positive, and the rate of infection is also very high. That is why many restrictions are imposed on traveling. Oman travel restriction during covid-19 has affected tourism and international flight significantly high. For traveling in Oman, you must have a valid visa before arrival. Right now, Oman is no issuing visas on arrival, or it has limited access with several stipulations.

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Travel Guide to Oman during covid-19

  1. The screening will be performed on arrival in Oman. The passenger's temperature will be checked; if you have any symptoms, you may be sent to a quarantine center or Hospital. Also, PCR testing will be conducted on the passengers.
  2. Despite being Negative (in PZR Test), if a passenger stays for more than seven days, they must have to self-isolate themselves. The passenger has to wear tracking bracelets so that their location can be traced. On the 8th day, one more PCR Test is done if the reports come negative than the passenger can remove their tracking bracelet, and their self-isolation restriction is removed. An additional fee is charged for the removal of the tracing Bracelet. Foreign nationals can quarantine themselves at the relative (if any) or the hotel. For the hotel, they must have to prove their ability the covering the expenses.
  3. Passengers will have their temperature checked while departing. If the results are not in favor of showing any symptoms, then your traveling will be restricted.

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Internal Oman travel restriction during covid-19

  • In Oman, restrictions are imposed on on-road travel, including police Checkpoints. For more information, it is advised to check the local, new channels; official social media Twitter frequently accounts to get the updated information.
  • Public gatherings are strictly prohibited.
  • People must have to wear a mask. If anybody is found not wearing a show will be fined 100 RO.
  • People must have to follow social distancing or avoid public gatherings such as mosques, beaches, restaurants, events, airports, conferences, and tourist places.
  • Passengers have to follow all the instructions of the local authorities. Breaching any instruction may result in prosecution or fines.

Oman Travel Advisory on COVID-19

Due to the continuous upsurge in the covid-19 cases, several restrictions are imposed by Oman's sultanate on international arrival.

Most of the international flights are suspended.

  • However, the rule does not apply to the repatriation flights and humanitarian.
  • Bangladesh, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Germany, Ethiopia, France, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom flights are arriving.

Passengers are restricted to enter Oman.

  • The above rule does not apply to certain nationals.

The National are Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Passengers have to complete 14 days quarantine period upon arrival. It applies to both national flights and International flights.

PCR test for covid-19 will be conducted on the passengers on arrival. There are some exceptions also.

  • People younger than 15 need not have a PCR test.
  • Passenger carrying Diplomatic Passport.

Passengers have to pay OMR25 upon arrival for the PCR test.

Travelers must have insurance to cover the medical expenses due to covid-19 in Oman for at least one month.

Tarassud+ application has become mandatory to download in their smartphone for the passengers before arrival.

The passengers staying in Oman for more than seven days must download the Hmushrif application on their smartphones.

Traveler must have a printed copy of the medical certificate reporting negative for the coronavirus PCR result. PCR Test must have been conducted 96 hours or four days before the arrival in Oman.

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Q. Is Oman issuing a Visa on arrival in the covid19 situation?

No, currently Oman is not issuing Visa on arrival because of the continuous rise in covid-19 cases. But there is an exemption for some countries mentioned above. Those countries also must have their PCR test reports negative. And the test should be conducted 96 hours or four days before arrival.

Q. What is Oman travel advisory on COVID-19? 

  • Traveler must have to wear a mask.
  • PCR Test must show negative before arrival.
  • Travelers must have health insurance coverage.
  • Traveler must have to follow the local guidelines of Oman.

Q. Is Oman safe to travel in a covid19 situation?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Oman. But one must have to take all the precautions during the visit or travel. Must have to sanitize their hands, mobile, and purse regularly. Follow the rules of social distancing.

Q. What is Oman travel restriction during covid-19?

Oman has restricted most of the countries for traveling due to the coronavirus situation. The restricted countries are marked as Red for significant restriction and Yellow for Moderate restriction, and Green for Low condition.

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