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Still did not get your visa to Oman? Don’t worry Oman electronic visa has got you covered! Now you might wonder what actually an electronic visa is! E visa is a paper-free document that you can create while you sit at the comfort of your home. This visa document gives you the freedom to apply for visas through any of the Oman e visa online portals. Most of the countries can now apply through this method. Wondering how to proceed with your Oman e visa application? 


  • Simple steps to follow while applying for an Oman e visa

  • Cost of Oman e visa

  • Eligibility for Oman e visa

  • Types of Oman e visa available

  • Oman e visa for GCC residents

  • Oman e visa processing time and status

  • Benefits of an e visa

  • FAQs

Simple steps to follow while applying for an Oman e visa:

You can apply for an Oman e visa online through 3 simple steps. These steps can be given as follows:

  • Step 1: the application form can be filled in by visiting the website

  • Step 2: Payment can be conducted through any of the given payment options

  • Step 3: get your e-visa through the registered email address.

These 3 simple steps ensure that you can have access to a safe and convenient way of applying for a visa.

One thing that is the most advantageous about this process is that you need not worry as to where you are! You can apply for a visa from anywhere in the world through this method. One thing that you’d want to make sure is that you have a strong internet connection and a laptop which will aid you in the application process. 

Cost of Oman e visa:

You can also take a look at the official website for the Oman e visa cost. The cost normally varies from region to region. Initially, there were availabilities made for the tourists who visit Oman to acquire a visa on arrival at the airport but now that this facility has been discontinued a lot of people have reverted back to the application of visas through online portals.

Eligibility for Oman e visa:

Wondering who all are eligible to apply for Oman e visa services? In all 71 countries are eligible for this service and the complete list is put up on the official website. You can take a look at it to check for your country and if it is eligible or not.

Types of Oman e visa available:

There are two types of Oman electronic visas available. They are as follows:

  1. Single entry visa: this visa is normally valid for a month and can allow only single entry into the country. This visa validity can be extended on request. 

  2. Multiple entry visas: this visa is also valid for the same period however you can enter multiple times into the country and can stay for up to a month on each visit.

Oman e visa for GCC residents:

There are special instructions for the GCC countries, as the nationals here can enter free of visa. However, the residents who live in GCC countries and have a foreign origin can get access to Oman e visa for GCC residents. This visa holds a little different from the other visas as the GCC residents get an option of which GCC country they belong to. 

Oman e visa processing time and status:

The Oman e visa processing time depends on the type of visa that you apply for. It can take from 72 hours for a 30-day and 10-day visa to 3 to 5 days for a 90-day visa. During this processing time, you can also take a look at the Oman e visa status by tracking it on the website you’ve applied at. 

Benefits of an E visa:

Now let’s take a quick look at what are the benefits of Oman e visa!

1. Very easy to track the status of the visa:

One of the best benefits of having an e visa is that you do not need to submit a form or stand in a long queue to get a look at the status of your e visa. This checking can be done anywhere you are at. By doing this you can also be assured about your passport being in the system and that the visa processing is still in progress. Once the processing is done you will also get a notification and hence you can get you to know without even needing to stand in a line for hours. 

2. True time saver:

Another one of the best benefits you could have from this service is that it saves you time! Are you in a meeting? Thinking of how to get your visa processed for your trip as the meeting is going to get over too late? Then e visa is your savior! You can get access to it within a matter of time. Also not to mention the energy that you just saved for later.

3. Very easy to use:

There is not much that you need to do when filing an application for a visa online. Even a kid can do this provided he or she has proper knowledge about the visa types and the procedure. The websites also guide you throughout the application leaving any scope of doubts behind.

4. Secure:

One of the reasons that this visa service has benefitted a lot of people is that you can keep all of the confidential documents secure while using them for visa application. Also, the secure payment modes make it easy to use and will do not leave any trace of confidential information behind. The security has now increased and hence you can use this service all to your heart's content!

This is all that you need to know about Oman electronic visa! With having this simple method right in front of you, you wouldn’t really want to wait in long lines for applying a visa, now would you? So it’s time for you to do your part in having a secure and speed application of visa!


1. Is it possible to apply for an e visa without an internet connection?

You will require a strong internet connection and a laptop or phone for applying for an e visa. Without these, you cannot apply for an e visa.

2. What site would you suggest for applying for an e visa?

You can take a look at to apply for your e visa.

3. How many types of e-visas are available?

You can find tourist e visa, business e visa and student e visa along with other options to choose from.

4. It is okay if I apply for an e visa 4 days before the trip?

It is recommended to apply for an e visa a week before your planned trip as it can take almost 5 to 6 days for it to be processed.

5. Can I apply for an e visa if I’m only a 15 year old?

You can apply for an e visa provided that the type of visa you need is clear and the documents are ready.

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