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Foreign travelers to Oman should apply progress of time for a traveler visa online in a move that is relied upon to influence a huge number of guests from Oman every year. Beforehand, most of the travelers could acquire an Oman visa on appearance, either at an air terminal or line post, however the Oman e-visa framework was dispatched a year ago. Up to this point, it permitted them to pick between the two kinds of utilization.

The Omani government declared that taking effect right now, applications for traveler visas, including express visas, must be made online through ROP Oman official site and won't be gotten at the Oman visa administration work areas.Individuals travelling to Oman need to check all the details and information given by the country.

Travelers can decide on Camel rides and ridge slamming in the Wahiba Sands, consequently satisfying even the regular exercises one does in a desert. Residents of 6 nations needn't bother with a visa to visit Oman. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you're not qualified for this you can generally check whether your nations are in the rundown of the individuals who can apply for Oman e-visa which will make your work a ton simpler to all the foreign travelers.


Oman visa fees

There are some Oman visa fees for different Oman visa types travelers can choose their relevant visa for the entrance in Oman.

  1. This is a 30 days Oman visa cost $95.0/USD. Tourist type of visa
  • The number of entries is a single entry per person only. The validity for this type of visa are:-
  • Visa Validity - 30 Days
  • Stay Validity - 30 Days

2. 14 Days Oman visa

  • This is a tourist type of Oman visa. The visa cost is $ 90.0/USD. With single entry only. This visa takes about 3-4 days.
  • And the validity of this visa are:-
  • Visa Validity -  30 Days
  • Stay Validity - 14 Days
  1. 90 Days Oman visa
  • This type of Oman visa cost is around $ 400.0/USD with only single entry.
  • The processing time takes around 3-4 days. This visa lies under the Tourist visa category.
  • Validity of this Oman visa are: The Visa Validity is about 180 Days and the Stay Validity is about 90 Days.
  • 4.30 Days Visa Extension Visa
  • Oman visa cost - $ 300.0/USD for this type of tourist visa. Only single entry is allowed with this visa category.
  • The processing time is 3-4 days.
  • The Visa Validity is about 30 days and the 
  • Stay Validity is also for 30 days.


4..10 Days Oman visa

  • This type of Visa costs around - $ 60.0/USD per single entry
  • This visa also takes 3-4 days
  • processing time. This is also Tourist Visa type and the validity are:- 
  • Visa Validity - 30 Days
  • Stay Validity -  10 Days

Oman visa requirements

  1. photographs of candidate's (approx. 2 or more if required).
  2. Foreigner’s passport copy which is valid for not less than 6 months.
  3. A copy of the sponsor’s identity card is required if applied with a personal sponsor. Also a copy of the specimen as per required.
  4. A copy of the identification passport  required of the foreign resident ( it is necessary if required)

Apply Oman Visa Online

Only three simple steps to follow for the Oman visa application form. Just select the visa and fill out the application form online by uploading all the necessary documents required for the Oman visa and then pay Oman visa fees, track your visa status online and then you are ready to go to Oman.

  1. First visit Omani  eVisa and select the relevant visa of your choice for the purpose of visiting Oman.
  2. Now travelers need to fill in accurately and complete the given application form structure for the Oman visa.
  3. Then it is required to upload all the necessary documents including photos and all required for an Oman eVisa.
  4. After uploading all the documents then  pay the Oman visa fees required as per your type of Oman visa.
  5. For visa approval you need to wait at least 2 to 3 business days to approve your Oman eVisa online.
  6. You can track your visa status very easily After approval of your Oman visa
  7. After all the process is completed then ready for entrance in Oman.


Before applying for Oman eVisa travelers need to know about visa value, costs, requirements and their validity criteria. In this blog you will know all the information regarding Oman visa fees and other necessary details about the Oman visa.

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