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Worldwide guests or visitors need to require a substantial identification passport (Except GCC residents who hold legitimate government provided National ID cards) so, it is clear here most of the visitors to Oman will require a Oman visa for the span of their visit in the country. A few identities and occupant of GCC nations might benefit the 'Visa on Arrival' office any place material.


Immigration and Issue of Visas 

All worldwide guests to Oman (other than Gulf Cooperation Council Nationals) GCC nations require Oman visa for the length of their visit in the country. Travel movement and visa issues are heavily influenced by the Royal Oman Police. Travelers are mentioned to check with their closest Omani embassy and consulate office or with their carrier for visa necessities. 

Travellers who need to get an Oman visa, all visitors or travelers should have an identification passport legitimate for over a half year, in other words 6 months validity. 

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Guests to Oman should acquire a Oman visa preceding travel except if they come from one of the visa absolved nations. 

Residents of part countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC national might venture out to Oman without visa limits. Nationals of 71 different nations and domains can apply for visas online which are substantial for a time of 30 days. All guests should hold an identification passport substantial for 6 months.

With an end goal to support the travel industry area, residents from 103 nations are currently permitted to enter the sultanate for as long as 14 days without getting an earlier visa.


Oman eVisa online

Applying for a visa became a conceivable and best way to apply online for an Oman eVisa as well as having the option to acquire an Oman visit visa. It is arranged that people showing up to Oman without eVisa will actually want to apply for one in an assigned space of the appearances terminal before the identification passport controlThere is concern this could deter vacationers from visiting Oman

There are currently impermanent 'Visa on appearance stands' in Muscat International air terminal for those, who didn't make a difference for an eVisa, in any case, there is no data on how long these booths will be there for, so it is prudent to apply for a eVisa prior to flying Oman.In November 2019 Oman specialists reported that all guests ought to get a eVisa ahead of time and that visas on appearance would be conceded distinctly as an exemption

Documents requirements for Oman visa

Documents are very important part before applying any kind of visa so there are some documents requirement for Oman visa are as follows:-

  1. A copy of the passport Bio page is required of the candidate. 
  2. A passport size photograph of the candidate is mandatory. (Only one).
  3. A hotel regarding booking details are requiere.
  4. A flight Booking both sides is required for candidates.

Checklist for Oman Visa 

  1. A passport is mandatory to make sure it has validity of 6 months.
  2. A fout blank page required for passport.


Apply Oman eVisa online

Applying Oman eVisa online is a very easy and fastest way of approval of any candidate's visa. Just simply follow the steps given below are as follows:-

Step - 01

  1. Visitors need to choose their living and citizenship country
  2. Then choose the Oman visa type as per the purpose of your visit in the country.
  3. Fill all the details required for application form
  4. And after that upload all the necessary documents


  1. After step 1 completely done then you need to select payment mode to pay Oman visa fee
  2. After that you are mailed on your registered email id to receive payment confirmation.
  3. Then you can receive your application id


  1. After getting Oman eVisa you can track your visa status online easily
  2. Then download Oman visa application and then verify visa
  3. Ready to fly to Oman

Cost to Live in Oman

The average cost for basic items in Oman is generally low. In the Survey, in the whole world Muscat positioned as number 92 out of 209 expat objections. This makes it one of the most economical urban areas in the Middle East, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi,.

One issue of expat life in Oman is the absence of professional stability because of the public authority's "Omanization" strategy, which favors nearby occupants over unfamiliar representatives. There has additionally been a slump of the Omani economy and an ascent in joblessness because of low oil costs starting around 2015. 

Guardians additionally need to factor in high global or non-public school charges for expat kids. During pay exchanges, you ought to subsequently attempt to incorporate educational expenses as a component of your advantages. 


In this blog you will know about Oman visa immigration related information and details that every traveler or visitor should know before entry in the country.

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