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Oman, a beautiful country located at the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula is a part of the Asian continent. The country is often referred as the sultanate of Oman. Although less discovered by the tourists, the country is bliss to travel. The country is an exotic travel destination filled with picturesque scenery and architecture.

People sometimes tend to stay more than the visa validity. And, to escape from the heavy fines and penalties for the same, Oman visa renewal/extension is positively needed to be done.

In this article we will talk about how you can renew your visa in the country without going through much difficulty. 


The visitors who want to visit this nation need to possess a visa prior to their visit. The visa exempt nations do not require a visa. There are as far five countries that belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council who are visa exempt:

  •         United Arab Emirates
  •         Qatar
  •         Kuwait
  •         Saudi Arabia
  •         Bahrain

Along with them, the diplomatic passport holders of the following countries also get to enjoy this benefit up to 90 days, meaning they can stay in the country without availing a visa for a period of 90 days:

  •         Cyprus
  •         Germany
  •         Belarus
  •         Portugal
  •         Kazakhstan
  •         Japan
  •         Romania
  •         South Korea
  •         Russia
  •         Switzerland

According to Oman new visa update citizens of 103 countries are eligible to enter the country without a visa. However, 27 countries out of them need to provide certain documents to avail this. For example: they need to hold a Schengen visa on their passport, or should have previously visited the countries Japan, US, Australia, or Canada.

Apart from that, there are 71 nations that can apply for an online visa. The process is simple, cost effective, and also hassles free. The country does not issue visas on arrival. The citizens who are eligible for the same are requested to fill out an online form before their arrival into the country.

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The country has seen growth in tourism in the past few years. There are several factors that have contributed to it, including the country introducing the evisa system. The electronic system allows the travelers to obtain the same in a much less time with less effort. Also, only minimum documents are required for the process, which makes the process easier. Some visas can be extended and others cannot. Let us look into it in detail:

Since the country has so many places that are intriguing and beautiful, the tourists sometimes feel the urge to stay in the country for a longer period of time and opt for an Oman visit visa extension.

There are different Oman visa types that one can get for the country. The most common one among them is the 10 days single entry, which is also called 26A. The 36B is a multiple entry visa and can be used for multiple entries into the country. It is valid for a period of 30 days. There is another subcategory of the 36B. This allows the visitors to make multiple entries into the country for a period of one year. However, one stay can only be for 30 days, and should not exceed that.

We can break the above into points as:

  • 26A can be extended only once. The new validity period is for 10 days only.
  • 26B can be extended only once. The new validity is for up to 30 days only.
  • The 36B cannot be extended.

It is extremely important for the tourists to remember their visa validity. The moment you enter the country the stay validity starts counting. Hence, you should keep a track of the time and avoid overstaying in the country.

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The visitors who want to prolong their stay in the country can apply for the same by visiting the ROP (Royal Oman Police) information counter. It is situated at the Muscat airport.

Timings: The police office is open from 7:30am to 2:00pm from Sunday to Thursday.

To avail this, you also need to pay the Oman visa renewal fees.


This can only be opted by the residents of the country. The Oman resident card for expats renewal process is:

  • Get the application and also the documents needed
  • Ensure that your passport is valid
  • Ensure the validity of your residency
  • Pay the fines, if there are any
  • Receive your passport back and wait till the confirmation

The documents needed for this process are:

  • The filled in application form
  • Two passport photos
  • Renewed laborer’s residency or the copy of the ministry of manpower
  • The copy of the labor card of the father/husband is needed if the visa is needed to be renewed for a child or spouse.

The application process is really simple, it takes just 10 minutes to complete. Also, you will receive the renewed visa the same day.

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Q. What happens if I do not extend or renew my visa?

Overstaying in a foreign country is never a clever option. The country and the law expect the foreigners to abide by its immigration rules and regulations. Hence, they want the visitors to leave the country, or extend the tenure of their visa.

If you do not decide to renew, you will face severe consequences. With fines, and heavy penalties, you may be deported. Even, you will face severe problem to re apply for a visa. If you want to stay for a longer period of time in the country, there are several options:

  •         Online visa renewal
  •         Leaving the country and re applying
  •         Applying for another visa while staying in the country

Q. Do the GCC residents need to go through the same process?

The GCC residents get the visa waiver. They can extend the visa for a period of 10 days. Also the foreigners who are staying in the GCC nations can visit the country without a visa or a sponsor for a period of four weeks for tourism purposes only. 

Hence, if you are looking for a few more days to spend in this country, the wise move would be to apply for an Oman visa renewal/extension as soon as possible to save yourself from any trouble.

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