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Guide to Wadi Tiwi Oman

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Oman is a country in Western Asia. It is full of Islamic culture and traditions. Many tourists visit Oman for its traditional cultures and are attracted to it. The worlds oldest independent state is Oman and this should be on the travellers at the top of the list. Majlis Al Jinn Is the worlds second largest cave and most of the tourists are attracted and visit Oman only to visit The Cave. Muscat’s Islamic culture can be reflected when we see its beautiful architecture. We can also see camels and we can also get a camel ride. You will also get to see the beautiful sand dunes in wahiba You can also fulfill all your other conventional activities that can be done when you are in a desert. 

Like all the above places as mentioned there, then are also called Wadi Tiwi in Oman. Wadi Tiwi is very unique place and when a tourist or a person is planning to visit women must visit this place at least once. Wadi Tiwi is located in Al Sharqiyah region. This region is just adjacent to the wahi shab. This word ETV has many forms which are dotted with plantations and makes the scenery more beautiful. There is also a stunning pool. This pool is located in Mibam Village. This place, Wadi Tiwi is named after the village Tiwi. This place is actually a coast. It is a beautiful wadi which is hemmed with lush green plantations. This lush green view makes this particular wadi a more unique place than the others. 


A visit to Wadi Tiwi is a more beautiful experience than any tourist who would have visited other wadis. It combines a great off road drive alon the mouth of the wadi which adds to another attraction of this Wadi Tiwi. You need to reach the pool scrambling on foot and then you need to Traverse. Where you want to stop your car and visit and see the beauty of Wadi Tiwi totally depends on you as it is an advantage that this place, Wadi Tiwi is located on the right shoulder of the wadi. It is totally upto you where you want to start your wadi trek and experience the adventure. You can also walk up or drive directly to the end of the Mibam village and then you can start your adventure.

Wadi Tiwi is approximately 160 kilometres from Muscat if you go through the Sharqiyah highway towards Sur. If you want to exit the place then you need to go to the Wadi exit which is a couple of kilometres away. There you need to pass the Wadi bridge.

It is total about 10 kilometres while you are driving in the Wadi Tiwi to reach the Mibam village end. The roads are slippery and can be deceptively dangerous due to the water and seaweed that are there. Harat Bidah will be on your way, so you need to drive and trek carefully. 

Wadi Tiwi is just like Jurassic Park. You can enjoy boat rides. You will enjoy seeing the beautiful green turtles Who come to the beach very often and lay their eggs there. You can Enjoy this whole thing this ride is given from Thursday 4:00 PM and drops back at Saturday 2:00 PM. The pickup location and the drop of location is the Hussack centre Muscat. The price of the total trip is 650 USD. 


Before you visit Wadi Tiwi, what are the things that you should keep in mind? 

  • You should carry sunglasses or a cap or a hat to protect yourself from the sunlight or the sun as well as the sunscreen. 
  • You should not forget to carry plenty of water, food and other snacks so that you don’t get hungry too fast. 
  • If you want to go to the pool, then you must carry swimming clothes. 
  • You should either wear sneakers or sturdy shoes with good grip. You should also be able to swim. 
  • You need a water proof bag and camera. You need to click beautiful pictures as well as you have to swim towards the other end of the pool. 
  • You should have the potential and also moderate level of fitness and a good physique to visit this adventurous place. 

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