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Everything to know about Oman work visa

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Oman, often known as the Sultanate of Oman, is a nation on the Arabian Peninsula's southeast coast. Yemen borders it to the southwest and east, Saudi Arabia borders it to the west and north, and Tankah Valley and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to its south. Oman has been an important location for trade since antiquity because it sits on several strategic routes. Its natural resources include oil reserves as well as gold deposits. Additionally, Oman's strategic position enables it to play a significant role in regional affairs.

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Types Of Work Visa To Oman:

Oman offers a number of different visa kinds, including the following:

  • Visit Visa:

The most common type of visa for admission into Oman is a visit visa. Unless they are from a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nation, all foreign nationals entering the country must have a current entry visa.

  • Scientific Research Visa:

Foreign nationals who are entering Oman primarily to do scientific research are eligible for these visas. The applicant must make the request on their behalf through local, specialized authorities.

  • Employment Visa:

Employers apply for employment visas on behalf of foreign employees who are 21 years of age or older. To qualify, both the employee and the company must fulfil certain standards.

  • Investors’ Visa:

Foreigners who wish to invest in Oman may do so with an investor's visa. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry must approve it.

  • Family Joining Visa:

An overseas individual's partner and any child may apply if they're under the threshold of 21.


Requirements To Apply For A Work Visa To Oman:

The entire procedure of sponsoring a foreign worker takes time, and numerous paperwork is needed. Since you will handle the process as the employer, you should prepare these documents in advance to prevent delays:

  • A plan for Omanization detailing the roles you want to fill with Omani citizens.
  • A list of positions and genders for prospective foreign workers.
  • Copies of each foreign worker's passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Relevant credentials and certificates of employees.
  • Transcripts from schools of higher learning.
  • Certification from the foreign ministry and the embassy of Oman in the employee's country of origin.
  • A duplicate of the Ministry of Manpower's labor permit.
  • A letter from your registered company inviting you or extending a job offer.
  • A medical certificate from a facility that has been certified in the employee's place of origin.
  • Two Passport size photographs(2*2 mm).

Procedure To Apply For A Work Visa To Oman:

The Ministry of Manpower must be contacted in order to obtain a labor license in order for employees to apply for working visas for Oman. 

  • You must submit an application to the Ministry of Manpower's specialist directorate.
  • You will then be authorized to hire foreign nationals.
  • After that, you can send an invitation letter to every employee who meets the requirements and criteria for the labor clearance.

An individual Oman work visa is required for each foreign national you are sponsoring. You will use a single location to submit the applications to the Royal Oman Police's Immigration Department. The employee will need to obtain a residency card in order to live legally in Oman while employed after their visa has been approved. This action will be taken after your employee arrives in Oman. They must visit the Royal Oman Police's Civil Status Department within 30 days of arrival to get their residence permit.

Work Visa Rules In Oman:

The next step is to start looking for an Oman work visa if you have previously applied for a job or have one offered to you in Oman. However, you should be aware of the following earlier guidelines and requirements for the application process:

  • The nation will grant your visa request in exchange for the employer's or host organization's commitment and assurance (that you will be working for).
  • You will require a labor permit if your host organization is not directly or indirectly affiliated with the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry of Manpower is where you can get it.
  • You will be required to obtain a multiple entry visa as a requirement.

Additionally, the work visa's validity expires in two years, at which point you must apply directly for a renewal without using a travel agency.



In this blog, we discussed all the aspects related to work visas in Oman. To book a work visa for Oman just visit Omanievisa where you would easily get the visa hassle-free and can safely fly to Oman.

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