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summer in oman 2021

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Oman is officially known as Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country situated on the southeastern coast in western Asia at the Arabian peninsula. The official capital of Oman is Muscat and is also the largest city of Oman. If you want to have an exciting and thrilling week-long adventure then summer activities in Oman will not disappoint you. 

Summer in Oman 2021 can be a pretty good idea to spend the holiday in places full of beaches and fun places. Though the temperature in summer is a little more than that of the other season if you are planning a summer vacation in Oman than in summer also you can visit since the temperature is not much high so you can travel where ever you want without any problem.

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Best places to visit during the summer in Oman:


Salalah can prove to be the best place to visit during the summer in Oman. It is because of the fact that during the months from June to August, the monsoon clouds reach to Salalah from India which causes rainfall in the coastal region of the Salalah due to which the places are transformed into streams and green oasis with seasonal waterfalls. It is an incredible place because of its old architecture designed town known as Haffa. Salalah is situated in southern Oman, it is also known as the second city to Muscat the capital of Oman.

Jabel Akhdar : 

Jabel Akhdar is one of the most famous tourist places to visit during the summer in Oman. Jabel Akhdar is the part of Al-Hajar mountain range and it is the 2nd topmost peak. The Green Mountain (Jabel Akhdar) is at a height of almost 3000 meters. It is because of its height it is best to visit in summer to enjoy the soft and cool gust of wind. Sometimes, the temperature of this peak reaches minus degrees Celsius because of its elevation. The landscape view of sunrise and sunset is mesmerizing. 

To enjoy various summer activities in Oman it is the best place where you do activities such as cycling and hiking, which makes the vacation much more exciting. This place is 170 km far away from the capital of Oman(Muscat). Though the road is fully constructed and well maintained only 4WD vehicles can travel to Jabil Akhdar mountain.

Beaches in Oman:

Oman has a large number of beaches. Most of the beaches are located in the center of the country. Beaches in Oman are very beautiful and people travel to these beaches mostly in the winter season. Beaches have all the facilities in them such as restaurants, boats, swimming gears, resorts, and foods. Tourists can have a nice perfect time chilling on the beaches with great fun and enjoyment. Almost all the beaches in Oman are safe.

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Some of the famous beaches in Oman: 

Masirah Island:

Masirah Island, a small town in Oman with less population density and is also a less crowded place. To enjoy the peace and calmness of the beaches this place is good to spend the summer in Oman. Tourists visit this place to see the beautiful sight of the sun, wildlife, beaches, and the history of Oman.

Mughsail Beach: 

Mughsail Beach is located in the Dhofar region in Oman. It is a white sand beach with blue water.

Fins Beach: 

Fin beach is covered with white pebble all around the shore. And it has crystal clear blue water. This beach has calm water which is why it is best for diving and snorkeling. Fins Beach is located in Sharqiyah region.

Jabel Shams:

 Jabel Shams also attract tourist the most. To spend a summer vacation in Oman this place can also be the best place to visit. This mountain is also known as The Grand Canyon of Oman or The mountain of the Sun. The Grand Canyon of Oman is the heights peak of the Al-Hajar mountain range, with a rise of 3500 meters. There is no such restriction for any type of vehicle. But it recommended traveling by 4wd vehicle so as to avoid any accidents because the road to this mountain is not well constructed. In Jabel shams also the temperatures reaches to minus degree Celsius that make it an awesome place to visit. The best time to visit to this mountain is during the sunrise or at the sunset because the views are so beautiful and mesmerizing. Jabel Mountain is 250 far from the capital of Oman. 

Ras Al Jinz:

If you are curious to see the turtle, their nests and how the baby turtles hatch and went to the sea then summer in Oman can be the best time to visit. Ras Al Jinz is famous for its turtle reserve, which helps in protecting and increasing the population of sea turtles of the Indian ocean. Ras Al Jinz is one of the famous turtle reserves in Oman. most of the tourist prefers to spend the night at the resort near the beach to enjoy the tourist attraction like The Turtle Visitor Center and Museum. Ras Al Jinz is located on the easternmost end of Oman.

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Q. Fun activities in Oman during summer?

One can enjoy Swimming, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Hiking, Cycling are the best summer activities in oman.

Q. Most visited Beaches of Oman?

  • Al Qurum Beach
  • Mughsail Beach
  • Al Bustan Beach
  • Masirah Island
  • Fins Beach

Q. Best places to visit during winter in oman in 2021?

  • Wahiba sands
  • Wakan village
  • Daymaniyat Islands
  • Bimmah Sinkhole

Q. Best Places to visit during summer in oman 2021?

  • Ras Al Jinz
  • Jabel Shams
  • Fins Beach
  • Mughsail Beach
  • Masirah Island
  • Jabel Akhdar 
  • Salalah 

Are some of the best places to visit during the summer in oman 2021.

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