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things to know before taking a road trip in oman

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There are things that you should probably know about driving culture if you decide to travel to Oman. So in this article, we have jotted down a few things to know before taking a road trip in Oman.

Top 6 Things to Know Before Taking a Road Trip in Oman

Oman Fast and Slow Lanes are very Extreme

Almost every country has a fast lane and slow lane, but none like Oman drivers takes that to the extreme. The speed limit is 120 km/h on most highways, but on the fast track, people are up to 180 km/h, and the slow track is up to 40 km/h.

The important thing is not to drive slowly – if you don't feel comfortable with it, walk on the side of caution and remain as painful as you are until you are ready.


There's a Speed Camera Installed at Every Mile

When you're on the fast track, people will always be honking you, and if they can't get around you, they will pass the speed limit. That is quite stressful, and you want to speed it up, but be careful because Oman has almost every mile speed camera. 

Speeding fines can vary from inconsistent to rather heavy – but you don't want to risk them. Getting fined or rushed over in a rental car and abroad can create unexpected problems, especially if you do not know how severe the penalties are.

My advice: do not accelerate. You may want but you resist temptation because it doesn't really value the outcome. Oman has fast cameras for a reason almost every mile – people know they are going to do it, and they're ready to catch you. Don't just fall for it.

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Roads of Oman are of Decent Quality

Of course, once you enter very rural areas, it goes out of the windows. It was an excellent turn to drive along with few or no potholes, coming from an affluent area of America, where the roads are still crap. It was great too because it was a relatively quiet journey.

The floor itself is beautiful, but the lines are also visible. When driving around an already unknown territory, it is even more important to be able to read the indications and markers so that you can read them easily makes driving much better. 

Traffic Signs are Clear and Easy to Understand

You had to rely mainly on road signs because we had no data and no Wi-Fi while on the road. Without a hitch, you can manage to get there the whole way. The signs may appear at first somewhat confusing, but when you see a few outputs, it will be meaningful.

Road signs in Oman are frequently in English, especially in cities, as someone who does not speak Arabic is therefore much more comfortable to navigate. Most of the road signs are white, black, and whatever you consider a tourist attraction is a brown sign. However, it is advised to get a map.

Price of Gas is Cheap in Oman, and You can Find Gas Stations Easily

There were so many stations (nothing more, only mountains and gas stations) between Muscat and Nizwa, so no panic was needed. But if you're going to the desert, I'd suppose that there are not as many (for obvious reasons).

When you reach a gas station, it almost always pumps gas for you, then using one of its portable devices, you can pay by credit card.

The gas prices were very affordable, and you can put this gas pricing chart into your currency if you want more detailed information.

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Temperature Drops Down Very Quick as Sun Sets

As the sun goes down, the temperature falls down quickly. It is advised to shut down your vehicle AC to have a more comfortable ride. You can travel with your windows down and can enjoy the night beauty of the nation. Avoid exposing yourself to outside excessively else, you can fall sick, and this can ruin your trip.

Final Words

Road trips in Oman are a great choice because it is such a beautiful country, but knowing that certain things make driving in Oman less stressful and more pleasant. Being ready is the best way to make a nice trip.

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So now you must be clear about the Things to Know Before Taking a Road Trip in Oman. So get your Oman Visa and visit the nation, book your car and have a beautiful road trip in Oman and explore the beauty of Oman and have a memorable trip.

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