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best restaurant in oman

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Oman is not only famous for the landscape, desert, and beaches but also famous for its world-class food. Nearly all kind of exquisite cuisine is served in Oman. Despite of it being an Arab country, Oman has all sorts of food options available for the citizens of different nationalities. So, let’s take a glance at some of the best Restaurant in Oman.

Top 10 Best Restaurant in Oman

Ubhar :

Ubhar Restaurant in Oman is known for Oman’s traditional food. some of the best dishes are fish machbus, camel biryani, hareees (chicken serve with wheat), halwa in puff pastry, date rice, sandwiches, pasta, and burgers. Ubhar Restaurant is located near Bareeq al Shati Mall.

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Al Angham

Al angham is famous for its interior beauty, opulence, and elegant flair. If you want to enjoy your food in the typically Omanis style then this Restaurant is best for you. Here one can enjoy food with the beautifully carved ceiling and silver napkin rings. Al angham is known for its traditional Omani cuisine. Some of these food are harees or jareesh, Omani halwa, shiwa, and dessert. The best thing you can find in this Restaurant is the Royal Opera House to enjoy an extraordinary night in Oman. 

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant is one of the best Restaurant in Oman Muscat. As the name suggests this Restaurant in Oman is situated at the beach site. In Beach Restaurant one can eat the food at the open Restaurant enjoying the soft sea breeze and the beauty of the beach. This Restaurant offers all kind of cuisine of various countries. this is one of the best Indian Restaurant in Oman

Grand Lounge:

Grand lounge serves coffee in ornate silver cups, which is obligatory Turkish style coffee, is their way of welcoming. Grand Lounge is famous for its Turkish food. Some of the cuisines of Grand lounge are pride, Turkish flatbreads, yogurt toppings, and kebabs. Grand lounge has a very good accommodation facility they serve a large number of people at the same time. This Restaurant is located under the ONEIC building at Al Khuwair in Muscat. This one is also a good Restaurant in Oman.

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Begum is on one of the best Indian Restaurant in Oman. if you want to enjoy food rich in Indian spices begum’s Restaurant is the best place to visit. The food at this Restaurant is really mouth-watering and the best essence of Indian foods. Moreover, they also serve sea food. Begum’s Restaurant is located at Al Khuwair Street, behind Muscat Bakery.

Bin Ateeq

Bin Ateeq also counts in the list of best Restaurant in Oman. Bin Ateeq serves the most authentic and exquisite cuisine of Oman. The hospitality in the Restaurant is also world-class. Bin Ateeq Restaurant has best-in-class Omani furniture, the interior of the Restaurant is based on the ancient Omanis design concepts the reflect the tradition of the Omanis people. Some of the famous cuisines of  Bin Ateeq Restaurant are Omani halwa, harees, mutton magbous.

China mood

China mood is famous for its delicious Chinese foods. They deliver high-quality food. China food is located at Al Bustan Palace, in Al Bustan Street. Some of the delicious cuisines of china mood Restaurant are crispy duck spring roll, Cantonese shrimp, foies gras dumplings, and beef. And also Beijing duck is adorned along with the delicious pancakes and rich plum sauce, lamb shank spiced with Szechuan pepper and cumin dip flavor alongside pan-fried lamb chop is a completely new experience of delicious food.

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Mumtaz mahal 

Mumtaz Mahal is one of the best Restaurant in Oman Muscat. Mumtaz Mahal is specialized in North Indian food, this also one of the best Indian Restaurant in Oman. Mumtaz Mahal has won the title of ‘Best Indian Restaurants’ in Oman 10 times. The food in Mumtaz mahal is simply amazing. Mumtaz Mahal is also the oldest Restaurant in Oman, it is serving food since 1984. All kind of Indian food such as Punjabi, south Indian, North Indian, is present. Mumtaz Mahal is located off Sultan Al Qaboos street.


Sallan is famous for its variety of food from all over the world such as Indian food, continental food, Chinese food, and Arab food. They serve the best class food of these types along with the facility of an attractive candle-lit terrace. Sallan serves the most selected food of various places. This Restaurant is at the Sohar Beach Hotel.


Shiraz Restaurant is best famous for its Iranian cuisine in Oman. some of the Iranian cuisines is orange-flavored chicken, an exotic combination of salmon fish and saffron, Iranian style biryanis, kebabs, the combination of chicken and blackberry, and stews adorned with shrimp, green hammour, tamarind, pomegranate, and duck. 

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Q. What is the best Indian Restaurant in Oman?

  • Begum’s
  • The Beach Restaurant
  • Mumtaz mahal 

Are some of the best Indian Restaurant in Oman.

Q. Is vegetarian food served in Oman?

Yes, vegetarian food is available in Oman, but it is only present in the Indian Restaurant of Oman.

Q. What is the Best Restaurant in Muscat?

  • The beach Restaurant
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Teatro Restaurant

Are some of the best Restaurant in Oman Muscat.

Q. What is a cheap Restaurant in Oman?

  • Char Restaurant,
  • Baba Salem Restaurant.
  • Chulha India cuisine
  • Oman Express Restaurant.

Are some of the cheap Omani Restaurant.

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