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authenticity of oman visa how to check

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With an increasing number of fraud companies, the authenticity of Oman visa has now become a major concern! And why would this not be a concern, when this visa depends on your life.  



  1. Why is authenticity a problem?

  2. What is the safest option?

  3. Which are the sites that are authentic?

  4. How to check if my visa is actually authentic?

  5. Royal Oman police contact number

  6. Manual Checking

  7. FAQs


Why is authenticity a problem?

While talking about authenticity, the problem arises when a person tries to save money while looking for authentic products. This is exactly the same thing that happens when you search for a company that provides you with a visa that too at a lower price than the actual value. This leads to the formation of a fake visa and hence resulting in an illegal procedure.


What is the safest option?

Well, talking about safe options, one of the safest methods is to apply for the visa while you’re physically present. If you are on a short time constraint for booking a visa then checking for a website that is actually authentic is a must! 


Which are the sites that are authentic?

you can apply online at which provides you with authentic visas on the go!


How to check if my visa is actually authentic?

Let’s take a look at the below Oman visa image:


The above image gives a piece of detailed information about how the actual visa looks like. Now let’s take each factor and check the authenticity of the visa:

1. Symbol:

The symbol is the most important factor you need to look out for while checking the authenticity of the visa. The symbol on the visa is sometimes forged to make it look like the authentic symbol, however, in reality; it is just a copy of the original symbol. So do look for any changes in the symbol of the Sultanate of Oman.

2. Headline:

The Sultanate of Oman is mentioned in capital letters on the first line of the visa. The second line of the visa should mention the Directorate General of Passport and Residence. Below this, the type of visa is specified. For example, from the above picture, it is evident that it is an entry visa. So do check for all the three lines while even if one might be missing there could be a lot of discrepancies.

3. Name:

Next to the headline comes the name section. It is really important that the name specified on the visa matches the name on the identity card given as a proof. If the name has some spelling mistakes you need to verify it at the visa center.

4. Issue date:

Check if the issue date is the same date as you get your visa. If there is any other date that has been mentioned go to the office from where you have booked the visa to make the changes. As the validity of a visa depends on the issue date you might want to check it thoroughly or else the validity might have some problems in the future. 

5. Number of entries:

The number of entries that have been specified for a definite type of visa has been mentioned on the website and you can take a look at it to confirm the actual information. As in the above case, the visa is for multiple entries.

6. Nationality:

Check if the nationality specified is the same as the one specified on the proof you have given along with the documents. 

7. Number of dependents:

This section involves the actual number of members in your family. If there are 4 family members then the number specified should be 4.

8. Visa number:

While applying for a visa, the visa number is provided for you to check the status of the visa. This is the number that is specified in this column. Do cross-check the number mentioned in the application form and the original visa.

9. Visa type:

The type of Oman visa will be mentioned in this section. Check if the type of visa mentioned and the type of visa you had applied for are the same.

10. Passport number:

Check if the passport number given in this section is a valid one. 

11. Issue date of passport:

The issue date of the passport mentioned on the visa should match the one mentioned in the passport.

12. Visa to be endorsed at:

This section specifies to which airport you will be going. As for example in the above-given image, Muscat International Airport has been mentioned. 

13. Sponsors name and address:

If there are any sponsors who will be responsible for your visit their address and name will be mentioned in this section. 

14. Note and for official use:

These sections are only for official use. However, checking if these columns are present is essential to confirm the authenticity of the visa. 

15. Arabic language:

One of the most important factors that play a role in the authenticity of the visa is that the visa which will be printed in English will also have the Arabic language which mentions the details. If this is not present then there are chances that the visas may be fake.


Manual Checking:

A manual checking of the visa is also possible but it is important you have familiarized yourself with the rules for the visa. The below factors can be checked.

1. Extension:

An authentic visa allows only a one-month extension in the visa. Any date which exceeds one month will be a fake visa.

2. Validity of visa:

1. Usually, all the visas are valid only for a maximum time period of 6 months. If a date exceeding this is mentioned, the visa might be a fake one.

2. Checking for all of these factors becomes essential once you apply for a visa. You can also check the status of the visa online which will keep you updated on the necessary changes.



1. Is it possible to check the Oman visa application progress via the online method?

Yes, you can check the visa application progress via an online method if you have the application number present with you.

2. Is it possible to check the application progress if I’ve lost my application number?

Yes, you can still check the application progress by typing in your passport number.

3. Will a fake visa land me in jail?

While a fake visa will definitely land you in jail, there might also be additional fine which will be applied to you.

4. Will the person who issued a fake visa be punished?

Definitely yes, the person who issued a fake visa will be punished at all costs.

5. Is it really necessary to check the authenticity?

Checking the authenticity of Oman visa has become the need of the hour with a lot of fraud companies in action. 

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