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guide to tracking the status of your oman visa

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Visa is the basic requirement to visit a foreign country. With advancements in technology and digital accessibility, the visas also got a digital transformation and made themselves easily accessible to aspiring travellers.

Today the E visa has become the first choice among travellers due to its easy application procedure and faster approval rate. Today all major countries consider and promote the application of E visas and Oman is no exception. With hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the country every year for tourism and business-related activities, the Oman Government, to make the visa application more efficient and smooth, promotes E visa application.

Before the advent of the E visa, tracking the visa application status was not any less hectic than applying for it. Calling the embassy or immigration office and waiting for days for their reply to the email, many people preferred to not check the application status at all as it was easier to just wait for the approval. But with an E visa, tracking the application becomes easier and more accessible.

When it comes to online E visas, a lot of applicants have questions regarding the post-application stages, which is tracking the status of the E visa application. There is a general lack of clarity among E-visa applicants regarding the procedure of tracking the E-visa application status. 

If you are also an applicant who wants to know how the application status for an E visa is tracked, then read the complete article.



If you are not looking to track your E visa status and wonder why I should even track the status of my E visa application then you should keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

Informs you regarding the expected E visa delivery date

We all know that getting a definite date on which your E-visa application is approved is not possible in most cases. Usually, the applicant needs to plan his visit as per the approximate or expected E visa approval date. But how to get a justified and reasonable expected date for your E visa application approval, well keeping a track of your E visa application will help.

Tracking the E visa application allows the applicant to make a rough judgment of when their application will be approved, this in turn makes them prepare for further formalities and processes.

Allows you to prepare the additional documents 

Having an idea of the estimated application approval date gives the applicant an idea of when they should be preparing the further required documents like the round trip flight ticket and hotel booking. These are the necessary documents that will be required in the next stages of your E visa application. Keeping a track of your application will allow you to prepare these documents on time so that your application is not delayed.

Provides a chance to rectify errors 

If you made an error during your application then you get a chance to rectify it when you apply for the E visa with us, as we cross-check your application and documents before sending them to the embassy as we don't want your application to face any sort of impediment in the administrative verification process.

If you keep a track of your application, you would know if there is any connection needed or not. 

At Oman IE Visa, we keep our customers informed regarding each step in their application status so that our customers never miss their visa status. But if you would want to know the process to track the visa application yourself then read further.



  • The very first step you would need to take to track your application is to visit Oman IE Visa and from the navigation bar, locate the Oman Visa Status button
  • After clicking the option you will be taken to another page where you will be asked for your Application ID, enter it and you will be able to track every stage of your E visa application.
  • You would have gotten an application ID after the application was completed. In case you don't remember the Application ID, you can check your emails or WhatsApp messages.

If you can't find it, then don't worry, as you can contact our staff. They will ask for your passport number and some other details, to mine your application ID from our data.


Today tracking the visa status has become very convenient you don't need to contact the embassy or immigration office, you can do that yourself in moments. If you applied for the visa with us, then it becomes even more convenient, just enter your Application ID and your application status will be in of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need to contact anyone, you just need to go enter your application ID here and you will be able to track the E visa application.

Application ID assigned to you after your application completion is all you would need to track your application.

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