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traveling with kids to oman

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Looking after kids is definitely trouble especially if you are traveling Oman with kids! Want to know how to manage these little tots while you can also enjoy the most fun vacation around? Then let’s take look at the most fun things to with kids in Oman! This list will make sure that not only your kids but also you remain in the moment of fun always! 


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Key points to remember when traveling Oman with kids:

But before we start with the list here are some of the key points you need to keep in mind while planning your travel:

  • Summer is the weather in Oman and you can’t dodge it, well, unless you plan your trip in the Khareef or the monsoon season. This summer is something that you’d experience for the first time and hence you need to pack the clothes accordingly as well. Or else be ready for a showdown with your kids crying all day long, if you get them thick jackets! 

  • As dressing doesn’t really matter for kids, you need to make sure that the dresses you pack for yourself are modest enough. While it might not be compulsory for a kid to wear a headscarf in the mosque, you might want to carry a headscarf just in case if it is asked.

  • You need to plan places and days accordingly. As for example on a Friday there might be some places you can visit while the others might remain close as Friday is considered to be a holy day in Oman. So make sure you’ve got a list ready as on which day where do you need to go!

  • The most important key point is to take an Oman electronic visa by visiting the official site and getting it ready before your trip. You need to apply for the kids as well as they also need a visa to enter the country.

With these key points in mind, you would now want to start taking a look at these fun things to do in Oman with kids.

1. Dune Dash:

Been to Oman and never did dune dashing? Well, now that’s something you would want to add to your bucket list right away! The dune dashing sport is an adventurous trail both for the parents and for the kids. With shrieks of laughter and nervousness filling in the air, dune dashing is something you’d never want to miss! You can get to this place in the late afternoon time and then go on for a beautiful sunset view by the dunes while sipping on your favorite juice!

2. Getting lost in the Jabrin Fort’s labyrinth of rooms:

Wondering what place would be the best for a historic collection as well as someplace that a kid would enjoy being at? Then Jabrin Fort is exactly where you need to be at. This fort is a must go to place while traveling with kids in Oman. This place has lots and lots of rooms and with this, you can just get lost. Just try to make sure that your tots don’t go running around wild or it may be a difficult task for you to find them after a while. Just leave your kids to the rest of the adventure and enjoy the historic place to your best!

3. Wadi Ban Khalid pool jumping:

With crystal clear water shining under the sun, you’d definitely want to take a jump into the Wadi Ban Khalid pool! With a series of pools to choose from, this place is your ultimate destination for a nice summer shower! You can jump through various rocks kept at all different levels and there are some rocks kept only for the brave to concur. Take your choice of rock to jump from and go ahead with a nice, cool shower!

4.  A camel ride:

How is a desert safari even complete without a camel ride? That’s like having a strawberry milkshake without the strawberry in it! You need to have a camel ride to complete that oh-so dreamy desert trip. With these ships of the desert, you can take your time and enjoy the desert view to its maximum!

5. Shangri la beach resort:

What better way to end a successful trip to Oman than to go to Shangri la beach resort! This resort is absolutely famous in Oman and is one of the things you need to add to your list while traveling with kids to Oman. With an immense number of activities for kids in Oman, an endless list of pools 2 waterslides, a river to enhance the overall resort and a play area where the kids can play football, pool, table tennis, this place is absolute heaven for the kids. 

6. Go swimming with wild dolphins:

Watching dolphins swim is something right from toddlers to aged people enjoys and why they won’t! These majestic creatures are capable of uplifting the mood at any time of the trip! You can take a look at the swimming dolphins at the Gulf of Oman or at the Musandam Peninsula. Here you get to watch them and swim with them as well! Don’t you worry; it’s not that dangerous to let kids swim with the dolphins just that they maintain a safe distance!  

7. Misfah oasis at nature’s best:

You can get a view of the calmest oasis and get a peaceful evening during this trip! Misfah oasis with an amazing view of water flowing through the mountain makes it a blessing to the eyes. You can also go around the old village which this oasis serves and might as well grab lunch while you’re there! The Omanis love children a lot and this calls in for more unexpected treats here in Oman.

With a complete list of top fun spots for kids in Oman, I presume you are ready for traveling with kids to Oman and can go ahead to book the flight ticket! I’m sure that this one trip to Oman will be your lifetime happiness and kids can have the most memorable vacation of all time guaranteed!


1. Is Oman safe for kids?

As long as safety is concerned, Oman for kids is the best destination and you do not need to worry about them not enjoying this trip.

2. Are there any hotels in Oman that are child friendly?

The most child-friendly hotels include Centara Muscat Hotel located in Muscat and Salalah Rotana Resort located in Salalah. 

3. Do I need to pack thick jackets for my kids while I visit Oman?

It depends on the weather during which you are going to Oman. If it is monsoon season, then you might as well carry thick jackets for the kids as the temperature might drop drastically.

4. Is kids’ food available in Oman?

Yes, you can buy them at any general store. You can get a variety of them as well.

5. Can kids with allergy go to Oman?

Oman is a pretty much clean place and with the fine dust being low you need not worry about travelling with kids to Oman. While carrying a mask would always be recommended.

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