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wild camping in oman an adventurous trail

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Thinking about wild camping in Oman? Well, you’ve got the right place and what more do you need than the beautiful scenery of the sun setting into the deserts and a wide array of dunes that just captivates your mind every time you take a look at it!


Reasons for Camping In Oman:

Here are the reasons as to why camping in Oman has to be the best!

1. There are no restrictions as to where to go camping! Almost everywhere in Oman is allowed for you to keep your camp. One of the places where you might find a restriction is only at Ras Al Jinz which is a natural reserve for the green turtles and is not to be disturbed in any way. Apart from this place, you can find almost anywhere

2. Wondering where would be the best option to set a camp? Do not worry! You’ve got right from wadis to deserts to beaches all options in one place for you to select from.

3. Stargazing desert camp Oman is another one of the reasons as to why you’d definitely want to set a camp! This stargazing session will take you away from all your troubles and give you the utmost peace of mind while living in the isolation of the desert. Isn’t this a perfect place to stay away from your boss’ shouting or from your screaming kids at home?

4. Safety? Do not even get me started on it! With one of the safest places in the world, Oman is a definite place to go off-site camping.

5. Wild animals here also do not disturb your camp sleep. However, you might want to keep an eye on the surrounding for goats as they might just get inside your bag and keep searching for food.

You’ve got 5 reasons, now there no holding back! Want more?


5 Best Places to Set Your Camp In Oman:

Here are the best spots for camping you might want to know before you plan your trip:

1. Masirah Island:

With a large island right in Oman, where else would you want to go for camping? Sand, rocks, salty water and an isolated island, sounds cool, right? This is exactly how you need to portray Masirah Island. No need to worry about who you might meet once you’re there. As there won’t be any habitation for at least some kilometers. One thing you might want to keep in mind during Masirah Island camping is finding a place that will keep you from the burning sun or else be ready for a toasted skin when you return home!

2. Ras Madrakah:

White sand, blue water, and a shiny starry night complete your night at Ras Madrakah. Not having neighbors for miles and miles keeps this destination isolated and a perfect peaceful camping site. With some fishermen, you can also get your meal for the day! They bring in some of the fresh fish they catch in the traditional wooden boat. You can enjoy both the view of some flapping live fishes and the wooden boat while you’re at Ras Al Madrakah. You don’t really want to waste even a minute of your time here and to do that packing all your essentials is a must!

3. Wahiba Sands:

Camping is incomplete without going to Wahiba sands and there’s no doubt in it! With a 3-hour drive away from Muscat, this place is sure to give you memories to last for a decade if not more. The Arab traditional music, the night dance, the whole atmosphere is definitely a sight you won’t want to miss. You can say Wahiba Sands desert camp is a paradise for both the adventure and the nature lovers alike. 

4. Al Sifah Beach:

Thought about barbeque, fishing, and stony sands all in one place? Well, that how we’d describe Al Sifah Beach! This beach with clear water to swim in is a perfect partner for your overnight camping. With the campfire being set right by the beach, you can enjoy the cold breeze and the four strings of the guitar being strung to the melody of these winds roaring. Building castles and human dummies from the sand makes it even more fun if you’re here with your kids! Sleeping in car Oman would be the perfect activity to do here at Al Sifah beach if you’re more of an adventure lover.

5. Jebel Al Akhdar:

It’s known as wild camping for a reason! This mountain is also famously known as Green Mountain. With green scenery and yellow lights falling onto them, this place will surely get you enchanted in its spell. One thing you need to keep in mind while you go to Jebel Al Akhdar is the weather. While camping and all is fun, the weather here can get quite chilly especially during nights due to the high altitude. This is exactly why you need to pack thick clothing if this place is the next destination you want to be at!


Tips and camping essentials:

Some tips for you while you set off to camp and essential things to carry in your bag:

1. Camping equipment Oman is one thing you need to take care of.

2. Do carry firewood with you for getting a pleasant fiery camp night. Also do not forget the lighter as you won’t really find flintstones to produce fire.

3. Mattresses are recommended for those who might find stony surfaces a bit uncomfortable

4. You want to carry both light clothes and thick jackets in your bag as the weather can be unpredictable. It might be really hot in the morning while it can drop to ice-cold during the night.

5. You might also want to carry hats and gloves which will keep you covered in the cold winter night. With these tips, places, and reasons, I think you are ready to rock that wild camping in Oman. There’s no more reason to say no to such a fantastic adventure-filled destination.



1. Is Wahiba sands and Sharqiyah sands the same place?

Yes, Sharqiyah sand was also called as Wahiba sands in Oman. These two places are one and the same.

2. Is camping at beaches in Oman safe?

Apart from the threat of the waves from the sea, the safety here is not an issue for camping.

3. How far is Masirah Island in Oman from Muscat?

Masirah Island is about 510.9 kilometers away from Muscat and it takes about 6 hours and 25 minutes by car to reach there.

4. Are goats really annoying in Oman?

Well, as long as you keep an eye for them, they won’t be much of an annoyance.

5. Can kids also go for wild camping?

Kids can also go for wild camping in Oman provided that the parents are with them.

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