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winter in oman 2020

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Oman's natural climate is hot; there is a lot of humidity present in the atmosphere during the whole year, but between the months October to February and November to march, the temperature falls, and the atmosphere becomes pleasant. The winter in Oman 2020 is not much different from the united kingdom because of their geographical location. Oman is vested in the northern hemisphere at the Arabian Sea and near the equator, so the climate is generally hot. However, the temperature varies from January to December, but the numbers are not very significant.

So, because of the hot weather in Oman, it is advised to visit in the winter season between November to march.

Seasons in Oman

Seasons in Oman is classified into four different parts depending upon the temperature variation:



March to May


June to August


September to November


December to February



Winter in Oman 

From November to march, the temperature of Oman is modern, and the weather is pretty awesome. During this time, rainfall occurs, but rain is not that high; it is generally 100 to 110 mm. in the winter season, the temperature is around 26 to 18 degrees Celsius in the daytime.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Oman, this is the best time to visit. Because of the pleasant weather, neither too cold nor too hot, you need not carry many heavy winter clothes like a jacket, scarf, and gloves. You can wear whatever you want; generally, light clothes are preferred.

Muscat is an excellent place to visit in Oman. It is also the capital of Oman. During January and December, the weather in Oman is gorgeous, and these months are great for diving in Muscat's neighborhood; since the temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, it becomes so comfortable and soothing.

Snow in Oman

Oman is a hot country because of its geographical location that is in the Arab Peninsula. Bur, there is some region in Oman where snowfall occurs. These places are



Jabel shams (in AL Hamra)

10 degree celcius 

Jabal al sarat  (in lbri)

11 degree Celsius


15 degree Celsius


14 degree Celsius


15 degree Celsius


18 degree Celsius


16  degree Celsius


15 degree Celsius


14 degree Celsius


17 degree celsius

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According to the meteorology department of Oman in the above places have occurred. The temperature has even reached 3 degrees Celsius.

The summer season in Oman:

During the summer season, the day hours hike up to 11 hours. The temperature in the day hours is different from the night. According to the weather department, the temperature during the daytime is 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, and the temperature during night falls to 27 to 29 degrees Celsius. Precipitation also occurs during the summer season in Oman but is very low. It is seen that the rainfall in summer is around 19 to 20 mm. it is advised to the tourist to stay hydrated during the whole trip to avoid dehydration and sunburns.

Spring season in Oman

Spring season occurs between March to May. During the spring season, the temperature is very moderate. The mean temperature in the initial months is 30 degree Celsius, and in the night it is 20 degree Celsius but as the months passes by and April month begins the temperature also takes a hike and jumped to 35 to 37 degree Celsius in the day time whereas in the night it is 19 to 21 degree Celsius. There are four to five rainy days in this season.

Autumn season in Oman:

During the starting of the autumn season, the weather in Oman does not show a significant change. It is similar to that of the summer season. But as the days pass by, the temperature also falls along the side. In October, the temperature starts decreasing, the atmosphere cools down, and the weather becomes pleasant. It is this time when the tourist begins to travel in Oman. During this season, the average temperature noted is around 34 degrees Celsius.

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Best places to visit in Oman in winter 2020

Jabel Akhdar:

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Oman during the winter season. Jabel Akhdar is part of the Al-Hajar mountain range, and it is the 2nd topmost peak. This mountain peak is also known as The Green Mountain. The Green Mountain is at the height of almost 3000 meters. In the winter season, this peak temperature reaches minus degrees Celcius because of its rise. The landscape view of sunrise and sunset is mesmerizing. Activities like cycling and hiking make the whole experience much more exciting.

Location: this place is 170 km far away from the capital of Oman(Muscat).

Travel: Though the road is entirely constructed and well maintained, only 4WD vehicles can travel to Jabel Akhdar mountain.

Jabel Shams:

Jabel Shams also attracts tourists the most. This mountain is also known as The Grand Canyon of Oman or The mountain of the Sun. The Grand Canyon of Oman is the highest peak of the Al-Hajar mountain range, with a rise of 3500 meters. Jabel also shams the temperatures to minus degrees Celsius, making it an excellent place to visit. The best time to visit this mountain is during the sunrise or sunset because the views are so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Location: Jabel Mountain is 250, far from the capital of Oman.

Travel: No restriction for any type. But it is recommended to travel by 4wd vehicle to avoid any accidents because the road to this mountain is not well constructed.

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Q. Is it safe to visit Oman in July?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to visit Oman in July, but it is observed that from June to September, the season is summer, so it is advised to stay hydrated. 

Q. Do snowfall occurs in Oman?

Ans. Because Oman is a hot country, the temperature is shallow, so snowfall occurs like Jabel shams (in AL Hamra), Ibra, Jabal al Sarat (in lbri). 

Q. At what time the weather in Oman is cool?

Ans. At the end of the autumn season is between October and November, the weather in Oman starts cooling down. 

Q. What is the temperature of the water during the winter in Oman 2020?

Ans. During the winter season, the seawater temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, which is very comforting.

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