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Work visa rules in Oman

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If you have been hired for a government or a private job in Oman or you already work there and are in need of a visa, then you should read all about the work visa rules in Oman.

The application process to get a work visa as well as a permit can be overwhelming since it requires several documents and is time-consuming. This is why we bring you a compilation of all the rules you need to follow for the Oman work visa application.

Oman is a renowned country in the Middle East, which lies along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The proximity to the sea provides it with a magnificent coastal view, right along with you can find the best of whatever money can buy.

It is lined up glamourous bazaars, high-end restaurants, hotel chains and the works, all of which makes for a booming economy. It is not a surprise that several people from neighbouring countries come looking for work and ultimately settle for a life in this Arabian country.

Not just work, Oman is also gifted with a treasure of Old Persian culture. It can be seen in its ancient architecture, palaces, castles as well as a sum total of five world heritage sites.

There are travel agencies or consulates which can guide you through the entire application process. Continue reading below and find out how to get Oman work visa.

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Work visa rules

If you have applied for a job or have already secured one in Oman, then the next step is to start looking for an Oman work visa.

However, you should know about a few prior rules and regulations of the application process, as listed below:

  • The country will grant your visa request on the responsibility and guarantee of the employer or host organisation (that you will be working for).
  • If your host organisation does not come directly or indirectly under the government of Oman, then you will need to get a labour permit. It is obtainable from the Ministry of Manpower.
  • You will need to get a multiple entry visa as a mandatory stipulation.
  • Furthermore, the validity of the work visa ends in two years after which you will have to get a renewal in person and not through a travel agency.

If you are comfortable enough and eligible to follow these mentioned Oman new rules for employment visa, then you can proceed to apply.

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In order to work in this Middle Eastern country and be eligible for the Oman work visa application, you should follow these rules:

  • Since your employer needs to take full responsibility for your presence in the country, you will have to prove the legality of the company’s existence. You can do so by providing incorporation information, certificate numbers etc.
  • The applicant should not be under 21 years or over 60 which is the age for retirement.
  • The applicant state the same gender and position of employment as mentioned in the permit, issued by the ministry.


You need to present these documents as per the Oman new rules for employment visa:

  • A passport that should be valid for the next six months.
  • Two passport-sized pictures (coloured picture, taken against a white background and neutral expression)
  • Labour permit.
  • Detailed information of the host company’s incorporation date, certificate of existence etc.
  • Copy of your offer letter or invitation.
  • If the job is for a professional position that requires special skills, then you will also have to submit the certificates for the same.

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If you are applying via a travel agency or a consulate, you will have to attach the following documents with the Oman work visa application form. It would be better to get them scanned into digitised versions for online applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the employment visa rules in Oman, you can stay in the country for up to two years.

Yes, your Oman work visa can also help your immediate family, i.e. your wife and kids/ husband and kids to stay in Oman.

Your visa should most definitely be for multiple entries.

You can apply for an Oman work visa with the help of either a local Oman embassy in your country or with a travel agency like Oman visa online.

The work visa rules in Oman have set the fees for renewal at 20 Omani Rials, with the additional fine for 50 Omani Rials for every day that you defer the renewal.

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