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Indian Embassy in Oman Muscat Contact Number or Email ID

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We will here discuss the Indian Embassy in Oman Muscat. Both Oman and India are having a close relationship with each other. The diplomatic relations between Oman and India had establishments in the year 1995. The Indian consulate was opened in Muscat in the year 1995 February. The consulate upgraded to the consulate general in the year 1960. Then the consulate general became the Indian embassy in the year 1971. The first ambassador of the Indian embassy arrived in Muscat in the year 1973. The embassy was later shifted to the Al Khuwair diplomatic area in the year 2008 in January. The relation between Oman and India keeps expanding partnership every year. The bilateral and global collaboration between the two countries is developing and identifying new areas for improvement. The charge for post ambassador of India for the Oman sultanate is Shri Munu Mahawar. This happened in the year 2018 on august 21. He served in the Indian Foreign Service in the year 1996. He was under the diplomatic mission in Moscow in the year 1998 to 2001 and the year 2008 to 2011. He also served in the diplomatic mission in Geneva in the year 2005 to 2008. This is the brief relations between India and Oman.

Details about the Indian embassy in Oman:

We will discuss the Contact Number of the Indian Embassy in Oman Muscat. There is even an Email ID of the Indian Embassy in Oman Muscat services available. The address of the Indian embassy is Jamiat Al- Dowal Al- Arabiya Street, Al Khuwair diplomatic area. The post office box number of the embassy is 1727. The official embassy website is The details for contacting the embassy are as follows. The telephone number is (+968) 24684500 and the fax number for the general category is (+968) 24698291. The fax number for the community welfare category is (+968) 2484546. The timings for working hours in the embassy are from morning 8.30 am to evening 5.00 pm. It is available from Sunday to Thursday.
The next details are the numbers related to the Indian Embassy in Oman helpline. The emergency helpline for the 24 hours dial number is +968 80071234. This number is for only issues related to welfare and labor crisis. The next emergency helpline for the 24 hours dial number is +968 98282270. This number is only for issues related to passport and consular work. Both these helpline numbers are toll-free numbers. The telephone number for the employment contracts, community welfare, and labor issues is +968 24684570. The telephone number for the issues or services related to Indian visas is +968 24684599. The telephone number for the issues and services related to passport and consular is +968 24684588. The telephone number for the issues and services related to trade and investment is +968 2484592. The telephone number for the issues and services related to education and press is +968 24684555. The telephone number for the issues and services related to cultural events is +968 24684513.


Pandemic entry requirements for passengers entering Oman:

Every passenger traveling to Oman except the (GCC) nationals must get the health insurance that covers the 1-month treatment for Covid 19 services. This is the first most requirement for entry. The passengers coming from any state will need the online pre-registration done for the PCR test on arrival at Oman airport. You have to pay the fee for the test and download the app called Tarassud. Only after completing this process, the customers can check in for the flight. This is the second most requirement for entry. The Oman government website should be the mode for hotel reservation for a minimum of 1 week. The passengers under the age of 18 years and above 60 years are exceptions to the requirements. This is the third most requirement for entry.  Before entering the country you need to go through the rules and conditions at the pandemic time. The passengers who have the option of visa on arrival must also know that the visa on arrival option is canceled for now. So passengers need to get an Oman Visa before arriving at Oman airports. They also have the option of applying online for the Oman e-visa.

Flights between India and Oman:

The India to Oman travelling flights are for now suspended. Not only India there are many countries having ban like Pakistan, Brazil, UK and Bangladesh. Not only had the citizens from these banned countries other people who travel to ban countries are also not allowed to enter. The people like the diplomats, Oman citizen family members, sponsors, etc. are exceptions for this rule. 



We discussed the introduction of the Indian embassy in Muscat. The important details for contacting embassy numbers are also mentioned in detail. The pandemic restrictions and the flight details are mentioned above.

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