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Oman is a place that is one of the oldest countries of the Arabs. Oman should be right at the top of the list on every traveler. It houses the second largest cave in the world, Majlis Al Jinn. This please can be visited by people of all age groups and people can enjoy the culture and the architecture here. The tourists who will be visiting women can opt for and can also see the sand dunes  of the famous Wahiba sand. These are most interesting activities than one would like to do when they go to a desert.

So, you might be thinking about where to apply for a visa to Oman. You need not worry about the visa. Just log in into Oman IE Visa And you will get to know about all the details about the processing fee to the processing time of the visa to different types of visas that are available.

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Documents required for applying a visa online for Oman

  • First of all you need to passport size photographs which should have at least 80% face coverage and you should not be wearing any other accessories like hats or other accessories that might be difficult to identify you.
  • You Should have your own original passport which should have a validity for at least 6 months and that should also act as your identity.
  • You should also keep with you the copy of will be residing in order to verify and get confirmation from the officials for application of the visa.
  • Sponsorship letter should also be and kept with the visitor as a proof in order to show the officials about the relationship he or she has with the Visitor and that during his day in woman he or she would be responsible.
  • You should also keep with yourself the copies of the specimen signature by the authorities of the Ministry of Commerce and industry. But if you have a personal sponsorship letter then in the person who is sending you with a sponsorship letter should also provide with his or her identity.
  • If you are going for business purposes then you must have your cover letter from the institution or the organization as a proof to them and so that you are allowed easily to the country without any hassle.
  • If someone Has opted for the employment visa to woman then the person should not be more than 60 years or less than 21 years of age.
  • The gender of the candidate and the occupation of the candidate who is applying for the employment visa must match with the labour permit rule of Oman.
  • Just know that there are a few nationalities that need some exceptional licenses when they apply for a visa to Oman.

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Types of Visas available for Oman

  • Tourist Visa – mainly issued to those persons who wanted To visit Oman only to spend time with their friends or relatives or are planning to enjoy a vacation in Oman. This is one of the mandatory documents that is needed when you apply for a visa to Oman. Any tourist who is planning to visit Oman must fill up a pre registration for application form for the visa to Oman. There are a few countries which are not allowed to process for the application for the visa to Oman online so, these countries or the citizens of this country should go to the embassy to get a visa which is offline. Now tourist visas out of two types single entry and multiple entry.
  • single entry type of visa has a maximum validity of 30 days.
  • Multiple Entry Visa for Oman has the advantage of staying maximum for 30 days per visit. It also depends on the nationality of the country and the validity may vary from year to year it can be for one year or it can be for two years as well.

Conditions under which Multiple Entry Visa for Oman is issued

This visa is issued to only those persons who has a need to visit Oman more than once in a year by the Competent authority.

This visa is Issued to the foreigners and they are allowed to stay for a certain period of time in Oman.

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The fees for application of a multiple entry visa to Oman is R.O. 50.

  • US Citizens are allowed to visit women for tourism or for business Only for a period of two year. This Visa allows you (US citizens) to stay there for 3 months on each visit. It is available only at the legal entry of the port.
  • Sponsored businessmen are allowed to opt for a multiple entry visa if they are referred by any business company or an organization. The visa is applicable not less than 6 months and not more than a year and the businessman can stay not more than 30 days per his or her visit to Oman.
  • The unsponsored businessmen get that visa by the competent authority and these visas are available at all the ports of Oman. It is also valid to use anytime during the year but it should not exceed more than a year and should not be less than 6 months and a person can maximum stay for at least 30 days.

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