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muscat international airport hub to all flights

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Whether you are landing or just passing Oman while travelling, Muscat International Airport is the hub of almost all the flights landing in Oman. Muscat is the capital city of Oman has the international airport opened to various flights from all around the world.



  1. Location of Airport

  2. History of Muscat international airport

  3. The facilities provided by Muscat airport and its new infrastructure

  4. Muscat airport lounges

  5. Muscat airport VIP terminal

  6. Muscat terminal

  7. Terminal 1

  8. Terminal 2

  9. Information about flight 

  10. Shuttle facilities at the airport

  11. Route 1A

  12. Route 1B

  13. Bus route 8

  14. Muscat airport code

  15. Transfer area in Muscat airport

  16. Duty-free

  17. Car parking at Muscat airport

  18. Car rental facilities at Muscat airport

  19. FAQs


Location of Airport:

Located in Seeb and about 32 kilometres away from the old city of Muscat, this airport in Oman has successfully served flights such as Oman Air and Salam Air which was the first budget airline ever in the whole of Oman.


History of Muscat International Airport:

Muscat international airport was previously also known as Seeb International Airport. This airport had hosted flights during the 1991 Gulf war and has also successfully cooperated with the Royal Navy of Oman for the exercise series called ‘Magic Roundabout’. It was on the 1st of February 2008 that this airport gained the name of Muscat international airport.


The facilities provided by Muscat Airport and its new infrastructure:

With only one terminal building for passengers, one runway, a cargo and maintenance facilities, this airport was laid on an area of 5,520 acres. Now with the new facilities being developed this airport has now obtained another second terminal building for passengers and a control tower. These facilities were tested in December 2017 and had proved successful during that time. The new facilities now also include a VIP terminal and a housing facility for the airport staff.


Muscat Airport lounges:

The prime class airport lounge at Muscat international airport is definitely a lounge you would want to experience. This lounge provides various facilities including restrooms, spas, meeting rooms, and private suites. Doesn’t that sound interesting? While there are still more facilities in the lounge that will help you get quality time at the airport.

In case you are traveling from one place to another and there is a stop at Muscat airport then you can take your time in the lounge to enjoy all the services. You can enjoy your time while still being a business tour! Pretty awesome, isn’t it?


Muscat Airport VIP Terminal:

This VIP terminal is the new plan laid by the Oman Airports to enhance tourism and quality time at the airport. This VIP terminal will be holding all VIP travels and will also have all sorts of facilities that will ease the travel experiences.


Muscat Airport Terminals:

There are 2 terminals now, one being the old terminal and the other terminal being the new one.

Terminal 1:

This terminal is the new terminal that was inaugurated on 20th March 2018. There are about 118 check-in counters, 82 immigration counters, 45 gates, 10 baggage-reclaim gates, and a 97 meter high ATC tower. This new terminal succeeded in bringing about 20 million tourist passengers in just a year from the opening.

Terminal 2:

This terminal had way fewer facilities than the new terminal. This terminal is the old one. Right after the new terminal was constructed, the flights were shifted to that terminal leaving the old terminal isolated. This terminal was inaugurated in the year 1970 and was on a high growth scale ever since to accommodate the increasing number of passengers every year.


Information about Flights:

1. The Muscat international airport flight information can be checked at 

2. This site makes sure that the flight information is updated from time to time and you can also get the flight status live through the link above.


Shuttle Facilities at Airport

While there are various shuttle facilities from Muscat airport to the main city of Muscat, there are some designated routes that will take you to other parts of Oman as well. There are services that work for 24 hours and will have bus services from the airport to various regions.

Route 1A: 

This route operates between Muscat airport and Mabela and has bus services at fixed intervals

Route 1B:

This route runs between Muscat Airport and Ruwi Bus station

Bus Route 8: 

Passes from Al Mouj to Al Khuwair and also has a stop at the Muscat airport.

There are metered taxis that can be booked at the airport and there are also chauffeur services at the arrival and baggage counters.


Muscat airport code:

Muscat airport code is MCT.


Transfer area in Muscat airport:

There are 2 transfer areas at Muscat international airport. One is the domestic transfer area and the other being the international transfer area. Both these areas are separated from each other. The transfer area also consists of duty-free shopping centers for the passenger to do some shopping.



Duty-free shopping at Muscat provides benefits for the passengers. Right from beauty to dining there are a lot of options to shop from. 


Car parking at Muscat airport:

The car parking services are available at Muscat international airport. Parking fares should be paid at the counter to avail of these services. There are three levels of car parking:

  • P1 parking or short stay parking

  • P2 parking which is short and premium long term

  • P3 parking which is a long stay parking

All these parking sites have different fares which change according to the time of stay.


Car rental facilities at Muscat airport:

1. You can avail of the car rental facilities once you reach Muscat airport. These facilities are pretty easy to be accessed. You can just go over to a counter to book your rental car and go on a trip from there. 

2. With all of these facilities and amenities, you can now enjoy your trip be it just for business purposes or a family trip to Oman, you can enjoy almost every travel to this country!



1. How many terminals are present in Muscat airport?

There are in total 2 terminals at Muscat airport with a new VIP terminal being opened soon.

2. Will British Airways fly to Muscat?

Yes, British Airways does fly to Muscat and it is a 7 hours and 20 minutes ride.

3. Can I buy alcohol at Muscat Airport?

Yes, you can buy alcohol at Muscat airport from the Duty-free shopping centre and avail benefits as well.

4. Is Wi-Fi free at Muscat airport?

Yes, Wi-Fi is free at Muscat International Airport.

5. Are there any facilities for children at Muscat airport?

There are Gaming-zones present at Muscat airport for the kids to enjoy.

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