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How to Apply Oman Visa for GCC Expatriates

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Most of the travellers before the entrance into another country will require an Oman visa. Various kinds of visas are available you need to choose as per the purpose of your entry in Oman. Some of the standard rules apply to residents of GCC nations who can visit another country without a visa.

Due to the arrangements set up among Oman and this coalition of countries, the public government has made an Oman eVisa for GCC inhabitants, which offers residency holders a less expensive section into the country. Rather than GCC residents other countries need to apply for an Oman visa , which allows a simple and easy process required to apply for an Oman visa online. 

Oman visa online 

Applicants need just finish up the application structure by filling personal details, passport details etc. And submit supporting documents and pay a little charge for Oman visa fees for the visa processing. On the off chance that going with GCC residency a couple of contrasts should be considered.


GCC Resident Oman eVisa Permits 

This kind of  Oman eVisa is very like the traditional Oman online visa, albeit because of conciliatory ties among Oman and GCC nations is accessible at a lower cost than the customary visa for sightseers. To enter the country with this extraordinary GCC archive you will be limited by the accompanying eVisa rules: 

This visa allows a 28-day stay in Oman You will be allowed a solitary section into the nation.

The GCC Visa is allowed for direct entry for travelers who are from the following countries such as (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE) .

Kindly remember that passage into the country under this visa is at the full tact of the Royal Oman Police. 

Furthermore, this kind of section record may not be changed to a work visa once inside Oman. Guests trying to direct business in the country ought to apply for a full business visa before entering.

Requirements of an Oman eVisa For GCC Residents 

The Oman eVisa for GCC residents and  the Oman visa applying process have the same prerequisites. Process for a Oman eVisa for GCC nations candidates following documents are necessary:-

Not be a holder of one more sort of Oman visa

Hold an identification passport with more than half a year of legitimacy.

Possess a legitimate inn or hotel booking inside Oman.

Own a return pass to their nation of appearance or a forward objective (required when entering Oman) 


Documents required for a GCC Resident Oman eVisa 

To have an Oman eVisa endorsed, candidates will be needed to present various supporting personal  and travel documents. This will help the Royal Oman police to recognize the candidate effectively and guarantee that they fit the suitable qualification necessities recorded in the past segments. These documents for Oman GCC residents include: 

  1. A computerized photo of the individual applying 
  2. An output of the candidate's identification passport.
  3. A duplicate of the candidate's GCC Visa
  4. A duplicate of a GCC occupant card with more than a half year legitimacy remaining 

If these guidelines are observed effectively, vacationers and different guests entering Oman with a GCC eVisa can appreciate more straightforward and less expensive approval to travel. If travelers need to visit Oman for only tourism purposes then they need to apply.for Oman tourist visa. Essentially adhere to the web-based directions and inside in only one day, candidates will be completely endorsed to enter the territory of Oman. 

Here some of the portions that are striking marks of the principles that have been changed are as follows:-

  1. The new standard expresses that those outsiders who own properties in the sultanate of Oman would now be able to accept their tourist visa with no sponsorship. The exiles who work with the public authority can likewise acquire their visas without the assistance of a support. 
  2. There has been a presentation of short-stay visas in Oman. This permits guests who wish to have a little get-away to get an opportunity to visit Oman. There are three or more categories of visa which comprise a 10-day and 30 day and a visa which goes on for a year. 
  3. The new guidelines for GCC expatriates are changing every year likewise referenced that the individuals from the GCC states who wish to visit Oman can enter the country. For GCC occupants which permit these inhabitants to remain for a time of about one month.
  4. The fine for not leaving the nation has likewise been diminished to OMR 10 from the underlying worth of OMR 20. 



In this blog you will know about the Oman visa for GCC expatriates and all other necessary information about the Oman visa. You can apply for an Oman visa through Omani eVisa  which provides you visa services.

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