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Oman has a rich history and culture and natural beauty. This blend has resulted in some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing sites in the country. If you are planning a trip to Oman, knowing about the following sites is a must, to experience the beauty of the country.


This magnificent site lies among the gorgeous bays of the Dhofar Governorate. Historically the place was called Khori Rorri, the place served as the chief trading port for the country's history. This UNESCO World Heritage Site lies 25 miles from Salalah on a hilltop.

A park is an intriguing place for both design and history enthusiasts. 

You can experience some great antiques and ruins of ancient structures in the park. On going further inside the park, you will find remnants of a well-engineered town. 

The historical structure that still maintains its identity and structure is a temple dedicated to Sin, Mesopotamian Moon God. The temple is one of the very few structures to have stood the test of time. 

The gorgeous ruins along with an exotic location make Sumhuram Archaeological Park a must-visit site on your next trip to Oman.



This UNESCO world heritage site has a rich history behind it. The formation of the fort and the surrounding settlements are credited to the Babu Nebhan tribe, who dominated the central region of ancient Oman and they declared Bahla as their capital from the 12th century to the end of the 15th century. Bahla served as the centre for Ibadism( a branch of Islam), practised by ancient Omani imamates. 

Not just aesthetics and architecture, Bahla exhibited great water engineering skills as well. 

You can visit the place to be mesmerised by the beautiful structure made with mud bricks on a stone foundation and experience the rich history and culture of Oman.


Highlighting glory and prosperity, the Jabreen Castle is one of the best-preserved historical structures in Oman. When you visit the castle head to the flagpole tip to experience the breathtaking bird's eye view of the surrounding area. 

Built in 1675 by Imam Bil-Arab Bin Sultan, the castle served as an important centre of learning for astrology, medicine and Islamic Laws.

The most eye-catching part of the design is the distinctive painted ceilings in the rooms of the castle. 

Several rooms are formed in the heart of the castle that might seem illogical at first but on conserving carefully you will notice that it is a defence mechanism to protect the people inside the castle in the situation of an invasion. You can try to locate the burial chambers and other rooms in this formation, to add a little more fun to your visit to the castle.

You can also experience the engendering potential of ancient Omanis in the castle. Falaj, an irrigation channel was built around the courtyard, not for water supply but as an air cooling system to protect the people from the scorching sun of the desert.



Jebel Akhdar, meaning the Green Mountains, is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains. Don't fall for the name of this mountain range as unlike its name, it is a prominent Limestone mountain. The peak of the mountain is the highest in Oman.

Though it is not covered with lush green forests, the elevation provides a cool temperature in the region and boosts agricultural growth in the desert in lower areas. 

The area has now been included in the national protected natural areas in the country. If you love hiking through beautiful terrains then this place must be on your travel list when you visit Oman.


Situated at the easter moist tip of the country, Rad Al Jinx is a turtle reserve aimed at protecting the sea turtle habitat and population of the Indian Ocean.

The place also provides some of the most scenic and breathtaking views along the ocean coast. 

You can visit the place anytime during the year, but visit in summer in the month of May and October as that time the turtle's nest along the beach and you can enjoy watching the beautiful creatures.


This part of Oman is separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. It lies in the northernmost part of the country. 

You can visit the place to enjoy boat rides along the coasts and spot dolphins on a Dhow, a traditional Omani boat. You can enjoy scuba diving in the sea as well.

The area is very less populated with abundant forest and wildlife, making this a haven for nature lovers. 



How your trip to Oman will be complete without visiting the great deserts of the country. To experience the sand of the desert, Sharqiya sands is the best place in Oman. On visiting the place you will experience the sand dunes and vast desert vegetation all around you. The desert may feel infinite with the view of sand to the farthest point. 

You can also find the desert-dwelling tribe Bedouin in the place as they still live and work in the tough terrain. 

Well, don't let this description fool you as you can find world-class hospitality in the area around Sharqiya sand with world-class resorts and hotels, your trip to this grand site will be comfortable and stay with you forever.


Oman has the above and many more sites that you should definitely experience. And to experience these beautiful and mesmerizing places, you would need a tourist visa. Oman IE Visa is here to take care of all the needs regarding the Oman visa and information related to travel. Authorized by the Omani embassies, we make sure that you get your visa in the shortest possible time with no hassle as your trip to Oman can not wait because of any procedure delays.

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Visit Visas are usually of a shorter duration. Oman is a vast country, if you really want bro to explore it, we advise you to apply for a tourist Visa.

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