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things to keep in mind when visiting oman's wildlife reserves

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It is no doubt that Oman is a beautiful country and every visitor that visits Oman loves the exotic and natural places that Oman offers to travellers. Talking about natural places, Oman has a lot of natural reserves and visitors love to visit there as they are so well maintained and beautiful. As the matter of fact is that there are some rules and regulations imposed by the Oman government in order to maintain the decorum of natural reserves. Today in this article, we are going to read about the things to remember when you visit natural reserves in Oman

Rules To Follow At Natural Reserves In Oman

  1. It is important to need permission from the relevant authorities.
  2. Stick to the specified routes alone.
  3. Visitors must have appropriate means of communication and emergency medical supplies.
  4. It is not permitted to hunt, fish, destroy, displace, or gather any marine or urban wildlife.
  5. Introducing any species from outside is banned.
  6. Plant removal and the collection of any soil samples are banned.
  7. It is not allowed to throw away any solid or liquid wastes because they need to be controlled to avoid dispersal and gathered to be thrown away in the right locations.
  8. It is against the law to dispose of any oils or greases that should be disposed of in conjunction with oil businesses.
  9. When engaging in various activities in nature reserves, visitors must adhere to the rules, restrictions, and guidelines outlined in the legislation.
  10. Any damages result in the payment of all repair expenses, losses, and additional penalties mandated by law.


Some Best Natural Reserves In Oman

AL Wusta Arabian Oryx Sanctuary

Only a particular programme of breeding in captivity allowed the species to survive, and in the early 1980s, a group of 10 were released into the Al Wusta Sanctuary for the Arabian Oryx. Thankfully, since then, their population has increased from only 100 to approximately 650, up from roughly 200 years ago. This natural reserve in Oman has a distinctive desert ecology with a varied flora that includes a number of indigenous plants. Other creatures found here, besides the Oryx, are the Nubian Ibex, Arabian Wolves, Honey Badgers, Caracals, and Arabian Gazelle. The rare Houbara Bustard exclusively breeds wild in Arabia at the Al Wusta Arabian Oryx Sanctuary.

Ras AL Hadd Turtle Reserves

Four of the seven sea turtle species found in the world, the Loggerhead, Greenback, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley Turtles, live in the waters surrounding Oman. Although Oman's coastline is home to some 275 turtle nesting beaches, the majority of them have been closed to the public in order to safeguard the turtles' environment. Ras Al Hadd is one of the authorised locations to witness these incredible animals depositing their eggs. Originally a little fishing community, it is now a protected area where observant rangers lead groups of visitors to the beaches at night to see the incredible sight. The natural reserve Oman is recognised as one of the few places where the bred Green Turtles still visit and also has the largest concentration of Loggerhead Turtles in the globe.

Jabal Samhan 

One of the main mountain ranges in southern Oman's Dhofar Governorate is called Jabal Samhan. The untainted flat summit of Jabal Samhan, which is covered in limestone sinkholes and caverns, is where you may find the rare Arabian leopard. There are only a few of these beautiful animals remaining in the wild, and this is one of their last known homes. It is carefully monitored and preserved within the natural reserve. Among the many animal species that live in the reserve are the Arabian Gazelle, Fox, Indian Crested Porcupine, Cape Hare, Rock Hyrax, Nubian Goat, Desert Hedgehog, and various bird species.


Things To Remember When You Visit Oman 

  • Too much to explore outside

The best activities in Oman are those that take place outside, such as strolls through palm plantations, seeing turtles lay their eggs on the Oman beach and scuba diving in thriving marine reserves. To travel to ancient mediaeval forts, attractive fishing villages, stunning tidal lagoons, and freshwater lakes tucked away in the valleys, you are likely to spend a lot of time on road journeys.

  • Local Greetings 

Omanis are known for their friendliness, hospitality, and politeness, and you can expect these traits to show in all of your interactions as a tourist. In Oman, all conversations no matter how brief between friends or strangers must begin with a formal salutation, often as " salam Alaykum," which means "peace be upon you." You could discover that you are the object of a lot of attention in some areas of the nation, as evidenced by looks in your way every few minutes or inquiries about your origins. Don't worry; Omanis genuinely care about guests and strive to make them feel at home.

  • Public Drinking Is Not Good 

Alcohol should only be drunk in establishments with a licence, the majority of which are found in foreign hotels. Outside of these places, it is unlawful to consume alcohol, and violators who behave dangerously while intoxicated or loudly may face legal consequences. Oman has zero-tolerance for drug usage, and even little quantities of possession may result in jail time, fines, and expulsion.

  • Permission Before Clicking Pictures

Resist the urge to point your camera without first getting permission, whether you are mesmerised by a scene of a vendor selling handmade silver jewellery at the Mutrah Souq, a group of Omani men wearing beautiful kumma (traditional patterned or embroidered caps) sipping coffee by the sea, or you are invited into a traditional village home. The value of privacy is highly regarded, and it is considered invasive for a stranger to take your picture without your consent. Breaking the ice with a brief, straightforward Arabic welcome usually works, and local guys will usually comply.



This article was about the things to remember when you visit nature reserves in Oman and it is important to know as these rules should be followed at any cost or strict actions will be taken. Oman is a beautiful country and has so much to offer, everyone who visits Oman should visit these natural reserves

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