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things you should not to do in oman

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 We all know how majestically beautiful Oman is. From culture to luxury, the country has it all. If you are looking forward to a beautiful vacation, then adding this country to the list could be a clever thing. The people of the country are very welcoming and treat their guests well, however, there are some things that must never be considered doing.

You must have heard people say what all to do while exploring the country. But we are here to provide all things you should not do in Oman.



The people in the country are conservative and the visitors should keep this in your mind. The country is mostly populated with Muslims and hence the tourists have to dress accordingly. The traditional dress of the Omani men is dishdasha. It is a long piece of clothing. They pair it along with flip flops and also Kumah, which is the traditional headgear. The women on the other hand wear colorful clothes and wear a black abaya over it. They also cover their face with a scarf.

Now if you are thinking about what to wear in Oman as a man? Know that the tourists are more than welcome to wear the traditional outfits. But they are not bound for trying so.

The visitors must respect their culture and wear clothes that don’t show much skin and look decent. By wearing revealing western clothes, it would be disrespectful to the locals there. It is also strongly advised for the women to not wear bikinis while on the beach.

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The local people are one of the friendliest and welcoming people. They have special places named Majilis and Sabla. They sit there and talk about sad or happy things of their lives. It is not common for the locals to stand on the streets and talk about certain things and laugh or joke around. They think that it might cause some sort of disturbance among the neighbors or elders around the place.

Even during the Omani weddings, the bride and groom are taken by a car without any honking. They just keep on flashing their lights. Blocking the road is never an option there. The same things are expected to be done by the tourists too. They should know about the do and don ts in Oman.


It is a general rule of whichever country you visit to never click the photograph of the locals without asking their consent. The Omanis are generally very friendly and treat the tourists very well. But, if the tourists try to click a photograph without warning them first, it may offend them. Also, remember to never photograph a local woman at any cost. As everyone knows that the country is pretty conservative, and hence, they take extensive care for their women. Tourists should never click them without asking first.

If people want a cute photograph, always keep a smile and generously. If they approve the request, you are good to go forward.


This is the basic rule for wherever you visit around the world. You have to keep your surroundings clean always. Hence, the same rule applies to this country too. The capital city, Muscat, Oman is one of the cleanest cities in the entire gulf region. So, the visitors must make sure that they search for a dustbin.

The municipality also works really well to provide an abundance of dustbins all over the city, so that the people never fall short of throwing away trash.

However, if people still try to litter around, they could be fined around $1000. Sometimes, the fine can go up if the people litter around the beaches.  

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The holy month of Ramadan is the most important one for the locals of the country. During this month, they fast the whole day. They break their fast only after evening with a grand feast. This month is a great and important deal for the people there. It marks the beginning of the festival Eid.

The tourists must also note that the restaurants and other eateries around the country are advised to close down. These places remain closed during the day and open when the people break their fast. They remain open until sunrise. Hence, the visitors must never try to eat at any public place during the fasting time, as it is a sign of disrespect towards the Muslim culture and locals too.


This is the first thing that the tourists have to consider while traveling to the country. The mosques are the house of God. Disrespecting them would mean disrespecting their religion. The country houses some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Even the tourists are allowed to visit this holy place and worship. This is allowed to the non muslims too. But, making fun or disrespecting their religion is never taken lightly around anywhere around this world.

The tourists must also maintain peace around the premises. If they are accompanied by kids, make sure that they don’t run around the mosque.


This is never the right thing to do. The country is extremely conservative about its women. If people ask is Oman safe for ladies, then this is the answer to it. Stalking or teasing women is a serious offence and if someone tries to do so, he/she will have to face serious consequences.

Apart from that the local men are also extremely conscious towards these types of matters and take them seriously. If some sort of inappropriate behavior is seen, they won’t hesitate from interfering.

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There are certain rules and regulations that every tourist needs to follow when they visit a foreign country. It must be followed in order to avoid any problems. We hope that this article about things you should not do in Oman gave you enough information. That is everything to know about Oman. 

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