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Oman air is an official star airline. This is the flagship carrier of Oman. It was established and operated in 1993. It is a member of the international air transport association (iata). The international civil aviation organization. The headquarters of Oman air is in Muscat. Having the Muscat international airport is the main hub. Where salalah airport is the secondary hub now. It operates flights about forty-one domestic. The international destinations across the Middle East, Asia and Europe with the fleet of fifty aircraft.

Oman air baggage allowance:

Almost it’s safer and how difficult it could be repack the baggage after discovering that it exceeds the allowed weight. We believe that offering a guide with all the information’s. We need to know about the Oman air baggage allowance. This would ease the travel process for you. The baggage allowance is the amount of checked baggage on hand. Or carry-on luggage will allow the passenger. 
Oman air allows free checked baggage based on the cabin categories.  Along with the weight for checking purposes. And also the dimensions of the baggage pieces. If we are travelling in the first class or business class cabins. We need to carry up to two baggage. The baggage with the overall weight is not exceeding fifty kilograms. When we travel in economy class cabins, we can carry two. But that should not be beyond thirty kilograms. 

The weights allowed

The dimensions of the free checked baggage should not exceed hundred and fifty eight centimetre. This includes with the width, height and height. If we are travelling with the infant, one extra baggage is allowed. The weight of that baggage should be ten kilogram is allowed. The hand luggage, we can carry one baggage not exceeding hundred and fifteen centimetre. In all over the dimensions is needed. And not above seven kilogram in economy class. In first class we can carry two baggage’s. This is allowed even in business class. The baggage piece each being seven kilogram.  And this should not exceed more than this. 

Oman air extra baggage allowance:

You are allowed to carry extra baggage piece based on the point of departure and online. Then need to fill in the names of departure. The arrival airport to find out how much you will be charged. And then how many extra baggage pieces we can carry also be noted.

Oman checked policy:

The checked in policy are Oman air allows first class passengers to carry up to two pieces of baggage. The total weight is about fifty kilograms.
The business class passengers of Oman air allows two pieces of luggage with the total weight of the fifty kilograms. But for the economy class passengers allowed two bags with the weight of thirty kilograms. We can carry the items like
  • Laptop,
  • Coat,
  • Collapsible wheelchair,
  • Infant food.
But we are not allowed to carry the flammable items and compressed gases.

Baggage claiming:

Baggage irregularities like as delay or damage should be personally reports to the agents. The baggage agent will assist you in filing a passenger irregularity report. You should keep all the tickets. The boarding cards, baggage identification labels, receipts. The completed pir to include them in any subsequent claim.

Oman e-visa requirements:


The following documents are required for any Indian to apply for the Oman tourist visa.
  • A valid Indian passport.
  • The scanned copies of the first and the last page of the applicant’s passport.
  • The scanned copy of the coloured passport- sized photograph.
  • This should be taken against the blue background.
  • The details of the stay in Oman is the address of the hotel is required.
  • The scanned copy of the confirmed air tickets to Oman.
  • The scanned copy of the official id card of the guarantor in Oman.(if any) 
  • The name, phone number, address of the guarantor in Oman. ( if any)
  • The sanctioned leave letter. 
  • An NOC from the company if the applicant is employed.
  • The scanned copy of the applicant’s voter ID card or Aadhar card.


The steps to be followed:

  • The applicant is first required to dully fill in the online visa applicant form for Oman.
  • We need to submit it as same.
  • The applicant should then take a print out of the completed form.
  • This form must be enclosed with all the above stated documents.
  • This should be couriers to the nearest visa office.
  • The application can then be tracked by anyone through online. 
  • Once the process is completed. 
  • The passport will be sent back to the applicant through a registered courier service.

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