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iconic places to visit in oman

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This beautiful country is often less visited. It is a hidden gem, but the country has some marvelous and beautiful places to soothe the soul. There are many beautiful places in Oman which you can experience. The country is also considered the safest in the whole gulf region.

The country is famous for its culture, history, as well as architectural gems. You can take part in adventurous activities along with a little knowledge about the history of the country. Here are some of the iconic places to visit in Oman, which will help you if you want to experience this stunning country.


Here is the list of some of the Oman hidden gems that you need to add to your bucket list.


Most people start their trip by visiting the capital city Muscat. The sultan Qaboos mosque is the most famous one in the city, and one of the major tourist attractions. It has space for up to 20000 worshippers and is stunning to look at.

The main hall has a huge chandelier, filled with delicate mosaic tiles. It also has the world’s second largest handmade Iranian rugs. The rug took almost 600 women to weave, and took almost 4 years.

The garden around the mosque is serene to view and is a must add to the bucket list. 


Before the sun sets, you can experience this beautiful and unique place to the other side of Muscat. You can join the locals and take a stroll around the area. You will love the beautiful seafront with an astounding view of the mosques and white buildings all around.

You can also do some shopping around the lanes of the Mutrah souq. It is one of the oldest markets in the country.

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You can take a trip to the Nizwa area to enjoy some forts, mountains, and also ancient villages. The fort was built in 1675 and looks like a sand structure amidst the palm trees. This is one of the best historical places in Oman where you can walk through the rooms and explore the murder holes, where they used to pour oil on the enemies during ancient times.


This lies in eastern part of the country. It is a turtle reserve centre for endangered green turtles. Every year, approximately 20000 female turtles return here to lay eggs. You can also enjoy the golden sand beach and the stunning view surrounding it. The turtles digging the nest and laying eggs is another beautiful sight to experience.

Sometimes, you can even see the small turtles hatching from the eggs and returning back to the sea. The turtle viewing is conducted generally during the early morning hours.


The name literally translates to green mountains. And now, you must be wondering what is green about this place. Well, the green does not refer to the mountains present here but to the villages to the saiq plateau. The plateau is above 2000m sea level and receives enough rainfall. Pomegranates, peaches, grapes, apricots, roses for the rose water, etc are grown in the plateau.

The best time to enjoy the plateau is the spring season. You will get to experience the blooming roses during that season, along with the terrace plantation which is vibrantly green.

Also, the view you get from the village top is splendid and is once in a lifetime experience. 

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This is yet another beautiful destination in the country. This fort was built in the 17th century and has a massive circular tower. You can climb the tower to view the mosque, souq, and also the distant mountains. There are plenty of date palms surrounding this oasis city. The view is amazing and is a must visit place for tourists.

The fort has been recently refurbished and now they also have historical items in them. The items include tools, jewelry, the area’s history timeline, and so much more.

While being here, you can also watch several women making crafts and indulging into bread baking over open fire.

 You can also look out for murder holes here.


This place lies to the southern part of the country. This is also the most visited city apart from Muscat. This is also an important destination because it is the home to sultan Qaboos. You can stop at the incredible Qaboos palace; indulge in the old architecture in the old towns which is known as haffa. If you like history too much, you can even experience the Al Baleed archaeological site.

Salalah is famously known for its frankincense trade. Hence, make sure to pick some up when you stop at Haffa.

If you stop at this place during june to august, you can enjoy the monsoon clouds that come from India and cover this place into a green oasis. You can also add this into the places to visit in Oman during summer season. The city even gets covered in seasonal waterfalls and streams and is, no doubt, the coolest place in the country


This peninsula lies to the north most region of the country. It is also separated from the country’s rest of the country by the UAE. This village is very secluded from the country, and hence is the home to residents of coastal and mountain communities.

You can enjoy spectacular views from this peninsula. You can also take up the boat trips and explore the coasts and spot some dolphins. You can ride along a dhow or a traditional Omani boat.

You can also try scuba diving on the sea. The population of this region is sparse, and there is abundant wildlife here. This is the perfect destination to visit for nature lovers.

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There are many more places to enjoy in the country. They range from mountains and seas to the deserts. The list of iconic places to visit in Oman is a long one and won’t fit out in an article. There is so much more that you can find out about the country only by visiting. Excited much? Don’t wait then. Visit our website and fill up the visa application form now to enjoy in this beautifully breathtaking country with your friends and family. 

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