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Traveling to Oman is all fine until it comes to the application of Oman visa and Oman flight tickets. It might get a bit tricky when it comes to the documentation part for the travel. Well, fear not because now via Oman IE Visa you will get to know all about Oman visa and what is Oman visa ok to board in order to travel to Oman.

What is Ok to Board?

It is important that you get to know what is Ok to board first. Because it is these documents that allow you to travel through a particular airline with which you have applied for a flight ticket. It is also seen that without this requirement being fulfilled, passengers will not be permitted to travel to their destination.

It is after you receive a visa that has proper validity that you send a copy of the same to your airline with which you will be traveling to the destination. It is after you provide the visa copy that they review your document and mark your travel status as Ok to board.

Countries that require Ok to board permission:

There are several countries that need Ok to board permission only after which the citizens of those countries can travel to Oman. The countries include:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan

They need to provide the requested documents in order to get a valid Ok to board permission.

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People who do not need Ok to board in Oman:

The following categories of people need not get an Ok to Board approval:

  • Those travelers who hold a residence permit or have a resident visa of Oman
  • Those passengers who will be using the Visa On arrival facility
  • Passengers of particular airlines such as Oman airways and Jet airways need not get an Ok to Board approval

Documents for Ok to Board approval:

in order to get an Ok to board approval you need to make sure you provide a set of required documents. The documents that are needed can be provided as follows:

  • Scanned digital copy of your passport both first and the last pages of the passport.
  • visa copy of the original valid visa of the country that you will be traveling to
  • Confirmed flight tickets both onward and return tickets

With the submission of these tickets, you can get your Ok to board status approved.

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Why is it important to get this approval?

There has been a rise in the issuance of fake visas as nowadays everything is being done online. Due to this surge in fake visas being issued it has become essential to check the validity of the visa copy and the flight tickets of the traveler.

How can I get an Oman visa ok to board status?

All you need to do is follow some of the simple steps as given below:

  1. Prepare all the required documents beforehand.
  2. Go to the airlines website through which you will take your flight to Oman
  3. Next enter your flight PRN number
  4. Fill in the form and send your documents
  5. You will get to track the status of your approval.

Once you get the approval you can board the flight.

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When should I apply for an Ok to board approval?

It is important that you send the request for Ok to board approval at least 3 days before your flight to Oman to give enough time for them to process you request. It is also possible that you might get the approval a bit faster than you might have thought.

Terms and Conditions that you need to know while applying for Ok to Board:

It is to be noted that the requirements for Ok to board are up to the airlines and the visa agents cannot in any manner process the request. If you travel to Oman on a long-term visa or an employment visa you will need to get a POE clearance that will allow you to enter the country.

Oman visa application:

Getting your Oman visa before applying for an Ok to board approval is a must so that you can send the copy to them. This can be done by visiting Oman IE Visa where you can select your country and which country you would like to travel to. Once you select the same you will be able to get your visa issued. Once you get your visa it is necessary to check and proofread for any mistakes as any of the mistakes found on the documents will be marked as a fake visa and hence it is important that only correct information has been specified.

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In such a way you can obtain your Oman visa ok to board and travel to Oman without needing to have any additional documents.

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