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Oman New Visa Rules 2021

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Oman issues visas for those who want to visit the country. These visas can be issued online and you can get them as soon as 3 to 4 days.

You can apply for a visa online and therefore the visa will be sent to the address you provide. This is to keep a check on those entering the country and ensure that they leave as instructed.

What are the New Oman Visa Rules 2021 

Travelers in  Oman can now apply for a visa for a minimum period of three months which can be extended up to one year. Applicants must have valid passports and travel insurance.

Applicants are expected to apply for the visa before leaving home. It is also important to note that all applicants need to take an international passport valid for six months at the time of submission of the application. And also with this, you must submit your online visa application with the necessary documents such as;

  • Invitation letter,
  • passport copy
  • Photo
  • A copy of the residence visa of the host in UAE.
  • A copy of filled Visa application form filled
  • Payment proof for the application photocopy

You must also provide your contact information, identification, proof of identity, and proof of nationality with this visa application.

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How to apply for a visa

Travel to any of the ten Omani provinces of the Sultanate and you need to provide a few basic information before you can apply for a visa online.

You have to provide an identity card, passport proof that you have applied for the visa, the name of the Sultanate, and your passport's details. You also need to provide your full name, nationality, and address for verification purposes. You can get a visa for up to 30 days but you can get multiple visas on a single trip if you have booked the ticket before.

You can get multiple entry visas for a month each but these are not in the tourist category.

You can get a tourist visa if you are a first-time visitor to the country but these visas are also given on a single entry basis. This means you can't get multiple tourist visas on the same trip.

How to get your visa faster 

All visa applications must be made online and you can apply on a first come first serve basis. There are two options available for you: either you can choose a tourist visa or choose a business visa. The tourist visa gives you 3 to 4 days to enter the country. The business visa gives you 15 days to the country. The process for either is the same.

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What is the cost the of Omani Visa

Tourist visas are easier to apply for, while work visas are more detailed and take longer. Work visas are required for individuals who travel to the country for business purposes, short-term employment, or professional employment. The cost of a visa will differ based on the places given to which you will be traveling. If you are an individual traveler, you will be granted a 30-day tourist visa and will only be required to pay 95 USD for the visa application.

However, Oman is cheaper and you'll enjoy an excellent trip without paying an excessive amount. This sort of visa takes 3-4 days of processing with 30 days of visa validity and 30 days of stay validity.

There is also an option for 14 days tourist visa with 30 days of visa validity and 14 days of stay validity and you've got to pay 60 USD for that. you'll be on a visa after 3-4 days of processing

Otherwise, you'll choose a 90 days tourist visa with 30 days of visa validity and 90 days of stay validity and you've got to pay 400 USD for that. you'll get a visa after 3-4 days of processing.

Also, if you are an individual traveler and you want a 30-day tourist visa extension then you will only be required to pay300 USD for the visa application.

In this type of visa, you will get an individual entry with 30 days visa validity with 30 days to stay validity and you will get your visa after 3-4 days of processing time.

How long will your visa be valid

The validity of your Omani visa depends on your nationality. The length of your stay depends on whether you enter the country as a tourist or a business traveler. And for a business traveler, it isn't permitted to work during their stay in the country. So you would like to make sure that you simply only visit Oman as a tourist.

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Important information about the new rules

No more visas on arrival!

You will be ready to apply for your visa in Oman using your passport. You will need to fill up the entry form and pay for your visa online.

Don’t worry!

They are not so expensive anymore! The fee is reasonable and should be reasonable enough.

You will now be able to apply for your visa application from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a net banking or credit/debit card account and a ‘This is Money’ type of account. You must check your account beforehand and confirm that you have enough funds. Although, in most cases, it is quite a simple process.

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The Oman government has announced that new visa rules are being implemented for citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand. The new rules, which are being implemented starting in October 2016, will affect travelers who are coming to Oman for tourism or business purposes, as well as those who are being transferred to Oman for work. 

But, the Sultanate of Oman is a favorite of many.

The involvement of friendly people, diverse culture, and the vast history that the country has to offer makes it very unique. If you want to visit Oman for business, leisure, or a family vacation, you should consider Oman for your travel plans. If you've got questions associated with this you'll take a guide here.

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