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The sultanate of Oman can be a perfect work destination for the varied opportunities that it presents. If you are looking for a job here, this article about Oman work visa might interest you.

The major responsibility of this visa goes in the hands of the employers. They have to make the arrangements for the foreign nationals they are hiring.  You need to read this article till the end to know more about the same.



This is the most standardized form of visa that is available for the country. It allows the person to stay in the country for various purposes including tourism, business, work, and many others. This visa is valid for a period of maximum six months. However, you should know that all types of these do not allow the applicant to carry out business or work related activities in the country. The Oman visa renewal  for these types of visas is not possible. 


The same as the visit visas. They are issued to the foreign nationals who want to enter the country to do research related to science. These must be requested by the local specialized authorities.

This permit allows the person to stay in the country for a period of three months. This can also be extended for up to two extra months.

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This is needed for each and every foreign employee who wants to enter the country to undertake employment and is above the age of 21. This is the standard form of permit that is required for anyone willing to work in the country for a business visa Oman.

It requires the employer to get the labor clearance from the ministry of manpower. The employee has to meet the minimum requirements and satisfy the employment criteria set up by the company to avail this.  

After availing this, the person can stay for a period of two years in the country. Even after the entry into the country, the person can start working after all the documents have been verified and residence permit is granted to him/her.

The employees who hold this type of visa cannot leave the country for more than six months. They can only do this if they are family members of the worker. The family members can apply for a joining visa with which they can stay with them without working in the country.


These are intended for the people who want to invest funds in the country. This has to be approved by the ministry of commerce and industry at any cost.


This is given to the spouse of the worker. The children of the workers also get this if they are below the age of 21. This requires an approval from the ministry of interiors to confirm the marriage. The decision solely lies in the hands of the ministry of interiors to grant them the permit. This expires once the work permit expires.

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The Oman visa requirements for the work permit can be a confusing one. The employer generally performs most of the process. In the meantime, the employer should be ready with the following:

  •         A plan that should show the position that he/she will fill the citizen of the country.
  •         The positions of all the foreign employees
  •         Copies of the passports of the foreign employees. It should have six months validity.
  •         The relevant qualifications and certifications of the employees.
  •         The transcripts from their educational institutions.
  •         The attestation is also needed from the embassy and the ministry of foreign affairs from the native country of the employee.
  •         The labor license copy
  •         Invitation letter for the job issued by the employer
  •         The medical certificate from a certified medical examiner from the native country.
  •         Passport size photographs (at least two).

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The employer is needed to obtain a labor permit from the ministry of manpower. This can be done by submitting an application to the specified department. They also meet these requirements:

  • The company has to meet the Omanisation rules and also needs to check the quota for foreign employees for that activity particularly.
  • The company needs to check the number of foreign employees who have applied to it. It also needs to ensure that they are eligible for the company and its specific activities.
  • The applicant must meet the minimum qualification requirements as set up by the company. 


It is the job of the employer to issue individual permits to each and every foreign employee. It should also ensure the following:

  • The applicant must be between the age of 21-60.
  • The applicant’s job title as well as sex must match with the labor permit.
  • Applicants from some countries may need special permits to avail this.


Enter the country and then the applicant can easily apply for the residence card. 


The applicant is needed to go through the local medical tests and also provide the biometric data. It is mandatory for the applicant to receive their resident card from the ROP within 30 days of entry. After everything has been put into examination and approved, the applicant can receive the resident card and start with their work.

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Q. I belong to Kuwait. Do I need a visa to visit the country?

The GCC nationals are visa exempt. This means that you will not need a permit to enter the country. Also, Oman latest news about visa allowed 103 nations to enter the country for tourism purposes for a period of 10 days.

Q. What is the Oman e visa processing time?

The visa gets processed within 5-7 days. If you are in a rush to get it, you can also opt for the express visa facility which will provide you the visa within 2 days with $200 extra cost. 

Looking for better job opportunities is always a clever thing to do. If you are looking for a job in the country, make sure to know all about Oman work visa, so as you do not have to face any trouble for the same. 

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