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Photo Requirements For Oman Visa

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Omani residents who need to travel abroad should initially get an Oman visa. In the event that you as of now have an Oman identification passport check its expiry date to ensure that it is legitimate for longer than a half year before you travel. All the candidates need to submit at the responsible authority alongside the wide range of various required documentation. 

Global travel may likewise incorporate the requirement for an Oman visa. Contingent upon where you need to go if you might fit the bill for an electronic visa, wherein eVisa gives a quick and short internet based application process. 


Photograph specification for Oman visa

The overall Oman visa photograph prerequisites are as per the following: 

  1. Required photograph sizeof the candidate :- 4.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width (size as per required)
  2. The photograph should be coloured
  3. keep your head straight in a photo
  4. Photograph of the candidate required for Oman visa should not be older than 6 months. 
  5. White Background with no smile on your face and eyes should be clearly visible
  6. Blurry photo is not allowed
  7. May be glasses acceptable in circumstances
  8. Headwear is not permitted but in exceptional cases are made for religious purposes.
  9. Resolution or pixels something like 600 dpi 
  10. Clothes should contrast with the background. Try not to wear a white shirt.
  11. Beard is allowed for men if it is your everyday look.
  12. Three photographs are required

Photo requirements for Oman Visa 

Please note that in the event that you don't take a required photograph (passport size), it will be dismissed. That is the reason you should pursue every one of the principles and rules beneath. follow the rules given below are required for Oman visa are necessary and applied for each candidate.

Photo environment

To start with, you should pick the appropriate climate wherein you should snap your photo. White background is needed while capturing a photograph of the candidate. Ensuring that the background doesn't have examples or shadows. On the off chance that you don't have a white background within reach, take a white sheet that isn't transparent, and drape it on a background. 



The light should not be excessively extreme or excessively faint. Ensure that the source of the lighting is directly before you when you take your identification photograph or visa photograph. That way, you won't wind up with shadows all over. 

Straight Head

When preparing to snap a photograph of the candidate by the photographer then, keep your head straight and your face forward. Try not to shift your head. Photographs are constantly dismissed if they are portrait styled. 

Face expression

Make sure while snapping a photo your face should be neutral. In other words, there is no expression you need to express while taking photograph. You can't smile with just a simple face. Loosen up your face when you snap the image.

Clearly visible eyes

Your eyes should be clearly noticeable. In the event that the frame of your glasses are excessively huge, you should take them off. You can keep your eyes into the camera of the photographer. Eyeglasses that have colored tinted lenses are not allowed in an identification photograph or visa photograph. 


Headwear isn't permitted in an identification photograph or visa photograph. In any case, all guidelines have special cases. For this situation, in case you are limited by your strict convictions to cover your head consistently, you can keep your headwear for the image. Simply ensure that your face can be seen from the lower part of your jaw to the highest point of your brow. The headwear should not make shadows all over. 

Men's Beard 

If your beard represents your everyday appearance then you don't need to cut or shave your beard while taking photographs for an Oman visa.


Cost for Oman photograph

At the point when you go to an expert photography studio to have your image taken for your identification, you will wind up spending a considerable amount. An Oman visa requires 3 identification photographs (if required or applicable).

If you are going to a professional studio then the cost may be high as compared to a local studio. You have to just ensure all the specifications requirements for an Oman visa and it depends on where you are going to photograph.

Oman passport photographs online

You are prepared to utilize the services provided by any platform but make you apply with genuine platforms. A camera with an appropriate goal which enhances the photo of the candidate. The vast majority utilize their telephones or tablets. Utilizing the camera, you need to snap your photo. Simply make sure to consider every one of the standards and rules above. Any other way, your photograph will be nothing but bad. When you have an image you are satisfied with, then you are good to go.

Conclusion:- In this blog you will all know about photo requirements for Oman visa, in this you will get each and every information related to Oman visa. And it is recommended to apply for Oman visa through Oman IE visa for easy approval of your Oman eVisa.

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