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List of Oman Airports

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Oman gives you a special visit insight as it permits you to blur in nature with exercises like desert safaris, kitesurfing, cave investigation or essentially partaking in the ocean breeze on sea shores. Shopping in Oman souks or markets selling gold, silver and materials resembles turning back the clock. Every one of these settled on Oman, a famous decision among vacationers. Consequently the Sultanate of Oman offers present day air terminals to help vacationers.

All air terminals are managed by Oman Airport keeps up within the Sultanate of Oman. Muscat and Salalah Oman Airport International give availability to overall travelers going past Oman. Around 32 nations Muscat International Airport is associated.

Oman Airport is pleased and strong with their aircraft customers working in Muscat, Salalah, and Sohar air terminals; all carriers are consistently developing through limit and recurrence increment. Oman Airport keep on supporting their aircrafts by setting up regular private gatherings, ensuring every carrier is gently dealt with and to give the client experience they merit. 

Oman Airport has invited three new aircrafts; Iranian transporter Qeshm Air, which flies two week after week non-stop departures from Qeshm Island to Muscat; Indian minimal expense transporter Go Air, working three week after week non-stop departures from various, has started working departures from Muscat International Airport.

Kish Airways has added an additional one flight, making it an aggregate of four relentless week by week departures from Kish to Muscat. Additionally, booked Airline Iran Aseman will be beginning another journey from Chabahar to Muscat in the mid-year period of 2019 and will expand their recurrence from a few week after week flights. Besides, Oman Airport has as of late complimented minimal expense public transporter Salam Air for adding another course from Muscat International Airport to Alexandria Burj Al Arab Airport, with day by day flights.   

Oman Airport offers a phenomenal network to additional objections - travelers from European nations can associate by means of the country's public transporter Oman Air, low-financial plane aircraft Salam Air and an assortment of business carriers. Not exclusively does the air terminal deal with another cutting edge building, yet it likewise gives an elevated expectation of wellbeing and safety efforts, short flight spans, reasonable aircraft costs, less blockage at the air terminal and, generally, an excellent client experience.


The following are 5 of the best air terminals in Oman:

 Muscat International Airport

Muscat international airport is the primary airport of Oman. It resides, around 30 km away from main Muscat city. It started with just one runway. It also featured cargo maintenance facilities. Due to the large population of passengers glowing day by day, the Oman government revamped the entire airport. In 2017, renovation to this airport added few facilities like a new terminal, dozens of check-in counters, immigration counters, baggage reclaim belts and New Air Traffic Control tower. 

Salalah International Airport 

The air needs Salalah city which is around 5 km from the air terminal. Started in 1977 it went to just homegrown departures from Muscat. With the change cycle starting in 2011, it now has a cutting edge air terminal in Oman. New elements incorporate a lengthy runway of four kilometers, equal runways and an ATC tower. For the travelers, there is an obligation free assistance by a private endeavor, numerous food counters, a fascinating parlor for business and five star travelers, cooled aerobridges, various registrations and migration counters. There is likewise an enormous parking area for obliging a huge number of vehicles. It in a real sense checks in all the cases of an air terminal.


Duqm International Airport 

This air terminal is located in the Duqm seaport in the Al-Wusta locale of Oman. It was opened freely in July 2014. It has a massive traveler terminal of around 8600 square feet with two aerobridges taking care of a large portion of 1,000,000 travelers yearly. There are likewise various registrations and migration counters. Aside from interconnecting urban communities and nations, this air terminal is an aid for treatment facilities and petrochemical businesses of Oman. There is a double three-path street straightforwardly associated with the treatment facilities.

Sohar International Airport 

Around 10 km northwest the Sohar international airport lies in the Sohar city. Introduced by the Transport and Communication server, it started its procedure in November 2014. Spread over a space of 5600 square meters it can deal with a large portion of 1,000,000 travelers yearly. The black-top runway extends 4km long and 75m in width. Also, there are 4 boarding scaffolds and 7 stalls. It is a passage toward the northern piece of Oman. It likewise works with the homegrown and crisis needs of Muscat International air terminal

Khasab Airport 

Another airport in Oman is Khasab airport in the harbor of Khasab city. Khasab is the capital of Musandam territory. It has a black-top runway of around 8200 feet length. It additionally has different registration counters, things belts and significantly more. It probably won't be awesome of air terminals in Oman yet it finishes your work.



Airport is the easiest way to travel to another country within less time. Foreign travellers visiting Oman are required to get information about Oman Airport so that they can select an air terminal for their travel. Here you will know all the main Lists of Oman Airports.

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