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As we know that Oman Does not provide with them the other types of visas like the other countries so we need a special permission for going to Oman and apply for Oman visa. Oman is a beautiful place with beautiful sceneries of deserts. It is a place of the second largest cave of the world and that makes it a more fascinating place to visit. It is home to different kinds of endangered mammals and birds. Actually there are many type of visas that are available when you are planning to go to Oman.

Oman can be Islamic nation but it is a popular tourist spot and is a very famous business hub. Visa depends on the type of visas you opt for either it’s a tourist visa or business visa or independent visa and employment visa or a work visa or a transit visa.

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Documents required for applying a visa online for Oman

  • Two passport size photos
  • You being a foreigner to the country should have a passport that should have a validity of six months at least.
  • You should also carry with you both Original and copy of a medical certificate that will be approved by the Ministry of Health specifically for the adults coming from the following countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria and Nepal.
  • You should have the Copy of the specimen signature sheet of the authorized officials issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry provided it is for the private sector.
  • You should not forget to carry the Copy of a form that is approved by the Ministry of Manpower which indicates the employee’s details along with their job title and salary and a bank statement of the monthly salary transfers. It should not be less than six months.
  • You should have your Copy of approval of the relevant organization that you will be working for certain occupations: teaching, religious, media, and medical occupations and others.
  • Now if you being the foreign employee want to bring in your spouse, then you need to carry the copy of the marriage certificate that will be authenticated by Oman Ministry of foreign Affairs without fail as a proof.
  • You should show the Copy of the residential agreement or the place where you are residing that document confirming your place of residence.
  • You should have your copy of the marriage certificate with regard to the wife of an Omani national and you should also carry your identity card as a proof.

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Exceptional Documents

  • The application is for the transfer of sponsorship and then a release letter from the previous sponsor is required which will be approved by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • There are some nationalities or some categories for which special permissions and grants are needed.

Visa Validity

The Visa validity of this type of visa is for two years From the date of stamping on the holder’s passport.

This kind of visa is generally a multiple entry visa.

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Requirements needed to apply for this kind of visa

  • You being a foreigner your spouse must hold a position in a senior job as per the rules of the GCC guidelines.
  • You must reside in a rented room or an apartment which will be issued by the name of your employee or there will be your name as an employee.
  • You should have the salary of at least R.O. 600 per month.
  • For an Omani national, if he has a foreign in wife then he should provide all the necessary details and documents needed to proof her as his wife and the copy of the marriage certificate is a must. The marriage certificate should be authenticated by their respective country’s embassy, Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Ministry of Interior’s certificate which will be validating their marriage.
  • The sponsor must be a local one and it should be legal according to the law. It is required to validate and update its own information by the sponsored team itself.
  • The person who will be applying for the visa will not be more than 60 years of age and not less than 21 years of age.
  • The occupation as was mentioned by the applicant while applying must be the same as the labour permit.
  • The permit grant should be issued by the Ministry of Manpower.

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Fees required to apply for the visa

The original fee that application for this kind of visa with respect to family joining one is Omani rials 30. An R.O. 50 will be charged if you are not able to renew your visa or the registration of the permission of residing in Oman.

The fees that are required to pay for original visa with respect to work and sponsors is R. O. 20. An extra R. O. 50 will be charged in case of any delay.

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