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know the Perfect place for a family holiday in oman

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A country with endless views surrounded by brown mountains, Oman is a charming place, offering various tourist attractions. With its lovely tourist attractions and Omani hospitality, if you are planning to visit this country in the near future with your family, this place is not going to disappoint you. Here is a complete suitable guide for a family visit to Oman

Best places to visit with Family  

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque 

This grand mosque, the Golden Mesh Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,  is a must-see in Muscat. A great structure like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi has five soaring minarets representing the five pillars of Islam and will give you an insight into the practised Islamic religion widely in Oman. This will allow you to recognise the true essence of a location while also becoming acquainted with the religion practised there. 

The Oman National Museum 

This location features interactive, hands-on displays that cover ancient to modern times to help visitors learn about Oman's history. You will have an eye-opening experience when you visit this cutting-edge building and mission-driven Oman National Museum and learn about the history of the country. A visit to this place will prove out knowledgeable for you and your young ones, so make sure to add this place while visiting Oman with your Family.  


Mutrah Souq 

Your Oman trip is not completed if you didn't take a stroll in Mutrah Souq which is a famous place for shopping in Oman. And for a family shopping excursion, Mutrah Souq is a place which provides you with numerous shopping options. From jewellery, Omani silver, textiles, pashminas, furniture and whatnot this place has it all. You are going to be in the hub for so many things it is advised to take your time to enjoy this place to its fullest.  

 Royal Opera House 

The Royal Opera House in Muscat is a must-see destination if you're interested in learning more about music, the arts, and culture. This magnificent opera theatre is a prominent location in Muscat since it includes gardens, an art centre, and cultural fairs. This location, which was made available to the public in 2001, is well known for its artistic appeal and fosters cultural awareness through hosting events and programmes.  

 Yiti Beach 

Yiti Beach, which is 28 kilometres from the centre of Muscat, is a location to go for mind purification and the ultimate in rejuvenation. A lesser-known beach in Oman called Yiti Beach will provide you with privacy and a quieter experience than any beach that is overcrowded.  This secluded beach consists of soft sand and clear water, allowing you to practice water activities such as fishing and swimming, it also functions as a camping and picnic site, very friendly for tourists. a family visit. 

Best family-friendly places to eat in Oman 

Being aware of the places you should visit your family, a family day out is not complete without having a wholesome feast with everyone. To fulfil a nice and loving feast with your family, these are some of the best places you can opt to eat in Oman.  

Slider Station  

If you are craving hamburgers in Oman, this place is a must-visit. Your food will be served in a conveyor belt, a concept which is usually used for sushi but is used for serving American speciality burgers. This Kuwaiti franchise offers an array of sliders and delicious dessert options. 

The Beach 

For classic European and Mediterranean seafood delight with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Oman, The Beach is a luxury you can't miss out on. To enjoy its menu, which is inspired by International cuisine, you must take note of the place only being open during the months of September to May for dinner only.  

Bin Ateeq  

Visiting Oman and not trying its authentic cuisine will be a crime. That's why Bin Ateeq is that place where you can enjoy the food with Omani hospitality. The main highlight of this place is its floor-level seating with coloured and patterned Majlis cushions. Make sure to try out magus, halva and haters with comfort.  

 Tché Tché 

This Jordanian cafe has become a popular spot for cafe culture with snacks in Oman. Located in Muskat, Tché Tché offers a variety of salads, lunches, sandwiches, fukhara and even flavoured hookah pipes. 

Where to get an Oman visa  

Before your arrival to this country in the middle-east with your family, you are going to be required to carry an authorised Oman visa to enter its premises. If you are looking to apply for a visa, get the same by visiting, completing the essential steps like selecting your citizenship country with your country of residence, selecting the visa type and completing the visa application process by providing the required documents and payment.  



So here it was, a complete article on why Oman is a perfect place for a family visit. If you're planning on a family excursion to this Middle-East country, you are now aware of the necessary details.  


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