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New Oman travel advisory on coronavirus outbreak

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After the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very obvious to say that traveling abroad is no longer the same. Whether you talk about hygiene-related guidelines or “proving” that you aren’t an infected person, airports have imposed strict laws and guidelines to ensure maximum safety of travelers and the least risk of spread of coronavirus due to international travelers. And under the contemporary situations, Oman, too, has issued a set of rules to follow if you’re boarding a flight from/to its airport. In this article, we aim to list the important guidelines for Oman airport for tourists that you must follow in the sultanate. 

Post-Pandemic Travel to Oman - The Early Stages (2021)

You’d surely be missing those days of thoughtless traveling when there were no fears about forgetting your masks at home, standing in crowded places, or touching unsanitized items. But things have changed now and so does the traveling process in Oman. 

Beginning September 01, 2021, Oman has made it mandatory for every international traveler to be fully vaccinated to visit the country i.e. no partially or unvaccinated tourist will be allowed entry in Oman. This rule is applicable to every foreign traveler, irrespective of if he’s eligible for a visa-free entry, a visa on arrival, an e-visa, or needs to get special permission from the government of Oman. This has been an impressive step as these precautions are the only way to battle the lethal virus and put a permanent halt to the spread of the pandemic. 

It must be noted that a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is mandatory if you are traveling through any medium, be it through an airport, seaport, or land borders.


The New COVID-19 Traveling Protocol for International Tourists in 2022

On 22 May 2022, Oman lifted its strict travel restrictions (that made traveling much more difficult), thus making a trip to the country much easier. If you are a part or unvaccinated traveler, you can still make it to the sultanate by showing a negative RT-PCR test report. Note that the covid test must not be taken more than 72 hours i.e. 3 days before the date of travel otherwise it will lose its validity and you’ll be either denied entry or need to undergo an RT-PCR test at the airport. 

Vaccination Norms

The last dose of your COVID-19 vaccine must be taken a minim of 14 days i.e. 2 weeks before the date of arrival at Oman’s airport. The vaccination certificate will lose its validity if the traveler fails to meet this condition.

Approved Vaccines in Oman

Your vaccination certificate will only be considered valid if you have taken both doses of one of the 8 approved vaccines in Oman. Here is the list of these vaccines. 

  • Oxford-AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Sinovac 
  • Sputnik V

COVID Test at Oman Airport

Presenting a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate will be complemented by a COVID PCR or an RT-PCR test after you arrive at Oman’s airport. This could be a randomized COVID test or a compulsory test depending on the situation of the coronavirus cases in the country. 

Oman COVID-19 Rules for Minors

It is important to understand that all these COVID protocols apply only to adult citizens. All minors, who are less than the age of 12 (which means excluding teenagers) are exempted from meeting these COVID-19-related conditions if they are traveling to Oman with their parents or spouse. 

Social Distancing Guidelines

Oman’s airport authorities have made proper arrangements to avoid the spread of COVID-19. To avoid physical contact while boarding the flight and reduce the rush at the terminals, the authorities follow social distancing and terminal disbursal, and every traveler is expected to follow it strictly. 

General Guidelines for Oman Airport for Tourists

If you’re a tourist who is boarding a flight to/from any of Oman’s airports, you’re advised to follow a set of guidelines to ensure proper safety and convenient traveling. Here is the list of the general guidelines to follow at Oman airport. 

  • Never leave your baggage and other personal belongings unattended at the airport
  • If you’re carrying any valuable items, make sure to keep them safely and take proper care of it
  • Always wear a face mask while traveling or waiting
  • Try sleeping at transit hotels or restrooms only
  • Don’t touch unattended objects at the airport
  • Arrive at least 2-3 hours before the scheduled time, especially if you’re traveling internationally
  • Sanitize your hands after touching objects like chairs, grills, tables, etc
  • Don’t smoke or drink at the airport

Visiting Oman in 2022

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In The End

Oman is a safe country, provided that you follow the guidelines strictly. Plan a trip to the sultanate this year and enjoy the wonders that this country does. 


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