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Spending winters in Oman

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If you live in a country where you suffer from extremely cold and harsh winters, then a trip to a warmer region is what you need. In this article, we have listed everything you need to know before spending winters in Oman.

This Middle Eastern country is a very good option to experience the perfect temperatures in the winters.

Since winters make for the perfect tourism weather in this country; there are agencies like Oman IE visa that can handle your visa application to trip planning for the season.

Oman has the pleasure of calling itself the oldest independent state in the entire Middle Eastern region. There is so much history to witness and museums and old places to visit. The country is also known as a sultanate is along to coast so visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Gulf.

There are many famous local marketplaces popular all over the world. There is a collection of mosques, forts, Islamic palaces; local handmade arts and crafts are also sold as precious souvenirs.

Furthermore, due to the presence of a desert in the country, you can enjoy the dunes and even surf the sands. 

Therefore, winters are the best time for you to visit this country. Continue reading the article below to find out more about Oman in the winters.


Visa Application

People interested in spending winters in Oman, will need to apply for a visa. There are two ways to go about it, you can either visit the consulate in person or apply online through a travel agency’s website.

Here are some documents you need to apply:

  • Passport with a six-month validity, which should prove your citizenship and nationality.
  • Complete details of your travel. This includes the places you have booked to stay and the places you will be visiting while you explore and travel.
  • Bank account statement of the past three months.
  • A passport-sized picture taken recently in accordance with the issued rules and regulations.
  • Your vaccine certificate for Covid 19. Alternatively, you will need to bring along a negative coronavirus report.

To proceed with the Oman visa application process online, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website and fill the application form.
  • Convert all the documents into the form of a digital pdf and upload and attach it along with the application form.
  • Pay the fee online with either net banking or your MasterCard.
  • Finish up and submit it. The agency will email the final Visa to Oman in winters to you once the ministry finishes processing it in 3-4 business days.


Things to do

  • Private camping

Winter is the perfect time to set tents in the desert and enjoy bonfires, with music and some amazing local food. It is one of the activities promoted by the authorities to increase tourism for Oman in the winters.

You can have Oman visa online, book a private camp at the site. The bookings for it need to be done at least a month in advance, so it is best for a travel agency to do it.

  • Treks and Hike

One of the most popular cities in the country, Nizwa is at a higher altitude. Similarly, there are many hills and forts that are good for trekking.


  • Boat cruises and diving

If you love going out into the water, then there are tonnes of opportunities for you in Oman. You can take cruise rides in the Arabian Sea and go out in the gulf.

With a wet suit, you can spend a winter in Oman, snorkelling, deep-sea diving and even jet skiing.

  • Sand bashing

On the Wahiba sands, tourists are often known to bash or surf the sands. There are bikes available at the site itself. This can be done in combination with spending time at overnight camps and watching the sunrise in the early morning hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For most types of single entry Oman visa application, the applicants will have to pay 20 Omani Riyals.

Winter is the best time for you to visit this country. The weather is quite pleasant with moderate temperatures and humidity.

At the airport, travellers can get their cash exchanged into Omani Riyals which is the widely accepted currency. Additionally, you can also use a MasterCard for online transactions.

Yes, travel agencies like Oman IE visacan offer special tours curated specifically for the cold weather.

Travellers can enjoy their winter holiday in Oman from 10 days up to 30, depending on their choice.

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