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best oman weekend getaways

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Oman is famous for its outstanding and unspoilt natural beauty. Oman beaches are one of the best in the world. Apart from the serene places to visit in the country, it is also rich in culture, heritage, and history. The sultanate of Oman is the perfect place to visit to calm down your soul. If you are in Oman, this article about the best Oman weekend getaways will give you the perfect ideas about the places you can visit during weekends while being in the country.


Below is the list of the best resorts in Oman.


This resort is the perfect treat to the eyes. It is situated on the top of Jabal Akhdar, which basically means green mountains. This resort is situated high above the sea level. It was inspired by the traditional building techniques of Oman. It is a rocky resort which was built using the stones that were locally sourced. This resort was built according to the Leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED).

 There is also an infinity pool in the resort, from which the view is breathtaking. Along with all these, there is a warm Jacuzzi, a gift shop, spas, and also yoga centers which is a perfect oman weekend getaway.


This resort boasts the stunning view of the gulf of Oman. You can choose to stay at three hotels at Shangri-la Oman. They are:

  • Al Waha: This hotel faces the Sea of Oman. The Al Waha hotel also houses several swimming pools and is the perfect weekend getaway for large families.
  • Al Bandar: This hotel is famous for the fine restaurants that it houses. It also has several art galleries as well as gift shops.
  • Al Husn: If you want to taste some luxury, this hotel houses large and spacious rooms. It also has a private beach which is exclusive to the guests of the hotel. All these make this one of the best beach resorts in Oman for a weekend getaway.

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One of the most scenic places in the country is Salalah.  What makes it scenic is the unique climate, vast wildlife, astounding nature, and so much more. It also houses the frankincense. The resort has been recently opened and is housed between a freshwater lagoon and a beach.

The basic theme of the resort is to depict the Omani heritage along with a modern twist. The resort is surrounded with beautiful tropical gardens and also an infinity pool.

If you just want to visit this place and not stay here, you can still enjoy the view of the sea from the private beach that it has.

There are also several spas available in the resort. They practice ancient rituals using natural ingredients like banana leaves frankincense, etc.

The resort is also closely situated to the UNESCO world heritage site and also the museum of frankincense.


Located in the Musandam peninsula, the resort is famous for resembling the Omani village. The place has villages decorated with high ceilings and dark woods. Along with this there are several six senses zighy bay restaurants that you can enjoy while being here.

The spa here provides several treatments like detox, advice from yoga experts, as well as health professionals. If you are clever enough, you can also grab some interesting six senses zighy bay deals.

Along this place, there are two bars and three dining options. There is also a traditional Omani summerhouse and also a dining area alongside the swimming pool.

There is also a zighy souk alongside. This is no doubt one of the best resorts in Oman with private pool. Hence, making it a perfect Oman weekend getaway resort.

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We have already looked around some of the best resorts in the country. Now, let’s look at the places where you can enjoy your weekend the most.


This place stands secluded, teamed with wildlife, and also surrounded by azure water all around. This is a paradise for nature lovers all over the world. This place is located just 70 kilometers from Muscat. This island collection is also famous for the nesting ground of Ospreys, two species of turtle, tropical birds, etc. It also has 15 wildflower species, and also coral reefs.

There is also a breathtaking dive site here. A total of 22 dive sites have been identified here. This is one of the best places to go snorkeling in the country.

There are plenty of natural activities that you can try in this place. There are also plenty of surprises in the place. You can get the opportunity to see marine snakes, humpback whales, and dolphins.

With so many wonderful activities, this is the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family.


The sleepy city situated along the coast of Batinah. This place houses several attractions to keep tourists busy during the whole weekend. This should be on the top of your list, and offers an impressive history lesson. You can visit the barka fort, and enjoy the astounding view of the date palms. There is also a souk located right beside the fort.

If you are into history and want to experience the culture of a place, this could be the perfect place for you and your family.

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The beautiful town is a little known gem. However, this could be the best place to enjoy the scenic place of the country. You can visit this town to try some delicious Omani mangoes. Along with this, you can also take a ride to the Arabian sea and spot the most scenic defensive structures of the country.


This place is the synonym for thakafash (culture) as well as karamah (hospitality). The best place to taste the tradition that will stay in your hearts forever. This is the place to enjoy the country’s rich culture and heritage.

Towards the south of Ibra, lies the bidiyah desert. You can also enjoy hiking in this place. Hence, you can also say that it is both beautiful and adventurous.


This city is famous for its rich heritage, culture and history. It also claims its connection with the famous Sinbad the sailor. Sohar was also known as one of the greatest ports in the country during ancient times.

It houses dozens of hotels all around and is the perfect place to spend 2-3 days during the weekends.

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It is well known how famous the country is for the splendid cultural experiences that it offers to its tourists. There are also some best desert resorts in Oman that you can experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, book your tourist visa tickets on tourist visa online and get ready to experience the best Oman weekend getaways

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