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A facts on Royal Oman Police ROP

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Whenever we hear something concerning the police of a country, the only thing that strikes our mind is “crime, law, and order”. Functioning similarly, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) is Oman's primary law and order agency that safeguards the country’s long coastline. However, the role of this authority has been extended beyond just handling the crimes in the country. Oman has now made it much more convenient for international tourists to apply for an Omani visa by introducing a smart visa application system on ROP’s website as well. But what benefits does it serve? Here are the answers to all your questions.

The article has everything about the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and explains how you can get your Oman visa through their website.

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Reasons for Introducing Visa Application System on the Royal Oman Police’s Website

The primary aim of the Omani government to introduce visa application services on the Royal Oman Police’s website was to extend convenience to the applicants.

Firstly, by introducing a new platform for Oman visa application, the country has added another method to get a visa, making it possible for travelers, especially the newbie ones to apply for a visa securely.

And secondly, this initiative will save efforts on buying a visa application form or getting it typed to submit at the local embassy. Moreover, this also saves the efforts of the visa officer, who has to retype the information provided by the applicant to issue him a visa.

Travelers can not only apply for a visa using ROP’s website but also get their visa extended without wasting time on getting it typed. Clearly, the government of Oman is planning a complete digitalization of the visa process because of the tremendous amount of benefits that an e-visa comes with.

How to get your Oman Visa from ROP Visa Services

The website of the Royal Oman Police is minimalistic and simple to use. You can spot the option for visa services as soon as you land on their homepage. Given below are the steps involved in applying for an Omani visa through ROP’s website.

Step 1: Selecting the Visa Service

You can proceed with your visa application through ROP’s website by selecting the visa service you need. The following are the options available to you.

  • On-Arrival Tourist visa, Express visa, and Entry visa for foreign residents in GCC states
  • Visa application status
  • Online Exit Penalty Payment services
  • Other visas

Select the first option to get your Omani tourist visa.

Step 2: Selecting your Visa Category

After you select the appropriate option, you’ll be redirected to the page where you need to select the category of visa you want to apply for. Here are the categories available to you.

  • Tourist visa
  • Sponsored visas i.e. work, visit, or tourist
  • Other visa types

Select the appropriate option according to your purpose of travel.

Sponsored visas offer much faster approval with fewer formalities. You can get in touch with Omani E-Visa to get your Omani visa sponsored by the #1 visa sponsor in the world. With a 99.99% success rate and over 15k approved visas, we provide the best platform to get lightning-fast approval and get a visa within 2-3 days of application.

Step 3: Sign In to your Account or Register as a New User

Enter your email address and password and verify yourself through the captcha to sign in to your account. You can also register yourself as a new user. You can also get a visa through our website as we offer a no-login visa application system for a super-fast application process.

Step 4: Fill in the Application Form

Fill out the application form completely. Proofread it to avoid any spelling errors or misinformation.

Step 5: Pay the Visa Fee

In the next step, you’ll be asked to pay the visa fee. This fee will only be charged if you’ve applied for a visa renewal i.e. visa applicants need not pay any fee for this process.

Step 6: Take a Printout and Submit the Application

Once all the above-mentioned steps are completed successfully, you can take a printout of your electronically-generated application. Attach all the necessary documents with your application form and submit your application to your nearest embassy.

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In The End

The government of Oman has made it quite easy to get a visa by introducing a visa system on the Royal Oman Police’s website. The process is simple to follow. If you have any queries regarding applying for an Omani visa, you can reach out to us through chat or mail and we’ll help you with immense gratitude. Start your visa application today and experience this country of wonders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Oman is open in 2022 after the COVID-1p pandemic and is accepting visa applications both online and offline. You can get in touch with us to start your Oman visa process today and make it your dream country.

Yes, you can easily check your visa status using the Royal Oman Police’s website. Other visa services provided by ROP include visa application and renewal.


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