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here is how shopaholics can find a perfect refuge in oman

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Oman has a wonderful travel experience and allows tourists to indulge in different and unique experiences. The sublime experiences draw hundreds and thousands of tourists to the country and it has become one of the most admired travel destinations in the Gulf region. Oman provides a lot of things to enjoy and experience, from smashing the sand to waving on the ocean, the country presents limitless options to choose from. Among all the exciting things in the country, shopping remains one of the most popular activities. Tourists cannot resist filling their shopping bags once they enter the marketplaces in Oman.  

Oman has become a heaven for shopping lovers. The tourists fill their bags with souvenirs from the country while returning. But what has made the country a paradise for shopaholics and what are the ways to explore the potential of shopping in Oman

Blend of traditional and modern shopping experience 

Shopping malls are everywhere and many times tourists get a bit bored of the usual shopping style. They want to try something new, something that is specific to the style and culture of the place they are visiting. Oman is one of those few places that can present its culture through its marketplace only. It is no secret why the country has become one of the most admired shopping destinations around the world.  

Well, that does not mean that the country does not have modern shopping complexes, the country has some fantastic malls and it is the combination of these malls and traditional 'souqs' or markets that make the place a paradise for shopaholics. 


If you want to learn how you can enjoy everything that the country's amazing marketplace has to offer then go through the complete article  

The Souqs 

The Souqs in Oman are much more than just a marketplace, they are places that will draw you without you even realizing it.  

Despite all the advancements, the Souqs of the country have been running for centuries and will keep continuing attracting more and more visitors. Visit these amazing souqs while visiting Oman

Nizwa Souq  

The paradise for shopaholics, the Nizwa Souq is located near the Nizwa fort and has amazing stalls of all kinds, from pottery to tailors and jewellery to art pieces, the place has everything that one would desire. The cattle market is held on every Friday, so don't miss the chaotic yet mesmerizing scene.  

Al Husn Souq  

If you are planning to buy grooming products then you must visit the Al Husn Souq. The place has one the best collections of aromatized frankincense, beautiful jewellery, and probably everything you would require to look your best. 

Muttrah Souq  

This one is one of the busiest souqs in the country. The architecture of the place has an Arabic influence and you can witness that in the stalls as well. You must get your hands on the Arabian perfumes once you visit the place, the aroma is going to draw you to it.  

The Sparkling Malls  

The country's premium malls make sure that the consumers can get their hands on all the global brands and everything trendy. If you want to do some retail therapy, then visit these malls. 

City Center Muscat  

With over 147 retail stores, the City Center Muscat makes sure that visitors can get their hands on whatever they want. The mall has every major global brand outlet. The mall has amazing restaurants and cafes and a movie theatre if you wish to take a break from shopping. 

Salalah Gardens Mall  

One of the busiest malls in Oman, the Salalah Garden Mall is the perfect place to go shopping with the family. They all have a kid's entertainment area along with some great dining options. 

Oman Avenues Mall  

The mall is the largest shopping mall in Oman and a haven for shopaholics. With high-end variety brands and amazing entertainment, the mall willorivude you with great shopping experiences. We know you can't resist visiting Oman anymore, so plan your trip now and apply for the visa through Oman IE Visa so that you can apply for the visa in a minimum time and spend your time creating your shopping list. 



Oman has blended the modern and traditional shopping experience and, as a result, has become the favourite location for shopaholics. Whether you are buying anything for your home or self-grooming, you can find it all at the country's traditional souqs.  

If you want to take souvenirs from the country's amazing marketplace, then you will have too many options to choose from. You must take home the country's iconic "khanjar", a hand dagger, 'moon' the handcrafted wooden boxes, the incense and the just will not end with just that as there are so many things that you would just want to pack and take with you. However, Oman can really blend your shopping activities so well, we are always there to guide you through the process. Contact Oman IE Visa and get your tourist visa now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Muttrah Souq has the best collection of authentic Arabian perfume. 

The country's largest mall, Oman Avenues Mall has all the high-end- variety global brands 

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